Drum & Percussion Microphones

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Looking for professional drum and percussion instrument microphones? CCI Solutions offers a wide range of drum microphones, from starter packs to high-quality, touring grade microphones. Bring out the punch of your kick drum, the shimmer from your cymbals, and the energy from your percussion by using the right mic for your instrument.

Types of Drum and Percussion Microphones

At CCI Solutions, we carry the best mics for all of your instruments.  We have microphone systems for your snare drum, bass drum, toms, cymbals, and overheads, covering all of your drum kit or percussion instruments. The different types of mics include:

Overhead Microphones

Providing a natural, full stereo sound of your drum or percussion kit starts with having great overhead microphones.  Whether you isolate areas of your kit with localized microphones or capture a true stereo sound with a stereo-matched X-Y approach, we have the microphones to help you capture amazing, natural sound from your entire drum kit.

Kick Drum Microphones

The right kick drum microphone can add punch to your mix and shape the tone of the attack to suit any style of music, setting the foundation for your groove.

Snare Drum Microphones

The defining aspect of your drum mix is almost always the sound you get from your snare drum.  Get that tight crack that punches through the mix and sets the tone for the rest of the band, or keep your snare tuned lower with a big, fat, warm sound. Regardless of the signature tone of your snare drum, you’ll need the right mic to pick that sound up and replicate it in your mix.

Hi-Hat Microphones

The hi-hat is often the glue of the kit as it works with the snare mic to drive the rhythm and pace of the music. It is important that you get the right mic, and our team can help you choose the best condenser microphone to pick up a wide range of hi-hat sound, or a dynamic microphone to really focus in on that hi-hat.

Tom Microphones

Adding a microphone to your toms is a great way to bring more warmth and depth to the sound of your drum kit.

Benefits Of Using Drum And Percussion Microphones

  • Better and louder sound - Drums and percussion are the backbone of your music, and it’s critical they be heard in your mix.  The right microphones ensure your music has the punch and rhythm you want to move your audience, cutting through the mix and setting the tone.
  • Higher emphasis - Drum microphones allow you to capture exactly what you hear out of your kit, or to emphasize and enhance aspects to shape your sound and cut through the mix better.  The right mic allows you to place the emphasis exactly where you need it to suit your music.
  • Musical freedom - Utilizing drum and percussion microphones allows you to create a more unique sound. Whether you are emphasizing a specific part of your kit or just wanting to increase the overall sound quality, purchasing a drum and percussion microphone is the best choice for you.

Give us a call and one of our friendly and experienced consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect mic for your drums.