Video Format Converters

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Video systems can be quite complex, often involving multiple video formats that must convert into a single, consistent format. Beyond converting video formats, other critical video processing includes audio embedding and de-embedding, genlock, distribution amplifiers, and more.  All of these devices are critical components of broadcast video systems, and we have all the signal processing equipment you need to reach your audience.

How Video Format Converters Work

Video formats and protocols vary widely, from standard definition to 4K video formats.  With so many options to choose from, most video systems today have a combination of video signal types and resolutions, making video format converters a critical part of every video system.  Traditionally a card inserted into a computer or a small hardware box, converts one video format into another, allowing all of your video inputs and outputs to converge into the format of your video switching system.

If you need to convert VGA, HDMI, HD-SDI, or 4K video formats into a common signal type, video format converters are what you need to bring all of your video formats together.  CCI Solutions has a wide variety of hardware devices to convert any video format to video format.

Types of Devices to Convert Any Video Format

Audio Embedder and De-embedder

In order to broadcast both videos and audio to destinations like online streaming, the lobby, or other parts of your building, most video systems must combine multiple video sources with a combined audio source, generally from an audio mixing console.  Audio Embedders bring in external audio and embed it onto the video signal, giving a complete audio-video signal. In some cases you want incoming video signals to route video to your video switcher, but audio must be split to your audio console.  An Audio De-embedder strips the audio from a video signal for routing to audio-only destinations.


In order to synchronize video inputs, which reduces latency and eliminates glitching when switching sources, a common genlock signal should be produced and distributed to all video inputs possible.  While some video switchers can produce that genlock signal, others require an external genlock generator to set the timing. Most systems require a genlock distribution amplifier to distribute that timing signal to every piece of the video system, from inputs like your cameras and computer graphics to your switcher and other control hardware.

Distribution Amplifiers and Routers

Often inputs and outputs need to be routed quickly from one destination to another, or even to multiple destinations.  Distribution amplifiers allow you to multiply one input or output to multiple destinations simply and cost-effectively.  Routers allow you to run all of your inputs and outputs into a single device and route any input to any output with the press of a button or click of a mouse.

Get Your Video Signal Processing Equipment from CCI Solutions

Whether your video needs are simple or complex, we have a wide range of video format converters and signal processing to maximize the capability and flexibility of your video system.  Our team of national sales consultants is available to talk through all of your professional video equipment needs and specify the gear you need.