If you want to make your live sound and recording project successful, a quality microphone is a must. Microphones are used for a number of different reasons, including presentations, musical performances, interviews, vlogging, and much more. Each type of microphone has a different polar pattern that reflects its sensitivity to sound from different directions.

Types of Microphones

Since there are so many different types of microphones, determining which mic will suit your needs depends on the amount of sensitivity you need, frequency response, directionality, and the ability to remove unwanted noises. Here is a brief glimpse of the different types of microphones that are available.

  • Handheld: Just as the name suggests, a handheld microphone is designed to be held in the hand. It is often used for music performances or television interview. The handheld feature allows the individual who is holding it to adjust the distance between the singer or speaker's mouth and the microphone.
  • Lapel/ Lavalier: This type of microphone product can be fixed to the lapel for hands-free use in television, theater, and public speaking applications.
  • Condenser: Most commonly used in recording studios, this type of microphone captures a larger frequency range, and has a louder output than other types of microphones. However, it tends to be much more sensitive to sound, as well.
  • Ear/ Headworn: Another hands-free option, headworn microphones are worn over the ear, which brings the mic close to the speaker or singer's mouth. This cancels out a lot of background noise, allowing the focus to be only on the voice.
  • USB: A USB microphone enables you to make high-quality recordings on your computer or tablet.

Microphone Accessories

Depending on the way you use your microphone, you will want to check out the accessories that are available. Mic accessories include:

  • Cables
  • Stands
  • Cases and Bags

CCI Solutions offers many types of microphone products and many different brands, as well as a wide selection of mic accessories. Contact us today so we can help you find the microphone that will work best for your project.