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Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors are typically found in classrooms and business settings. A convenient way to display images, videos, and documents, DLP projectors provide crisp, high-quality images across a variety of screens and surfaces. Operating in a standalone manner, DLP projectors are comprised of chipsets of self-reliant optical micro-electro-mechanical technology. These projectors operate using a myriad of tiny mirrors commonly called a digital micromirror device. Digital Light Processing chips are vital in the capture and projection of media files, while a color wheel spins to shine red, green, and blue light patterns to translate the images or video being projected. There are many advantages of DLP projectors, including smooth and shake-free image projection, impressive grayscale linearity and geometric translation, compact and mobile availability, longer lifetime, and affordability. DLP projectors do not include liquid components, allowing for greater screen size versatility and maintenance-free operation. DLP projectors typically include a wider color spectrum, processing up to seven colors at a time.

How Do DLP Projectors Work?

Digital light processing projectors operate by bouncing light off the Digital Light Processing chip at one mirror per pixel. Reflected images pass from the chip through the color wheel, which tints the image, making it easier for viewers to see on the screen. All this happens thousands of times per second, with the color wheel alternating between red, blue, green, black, and white. The rapidity of the process demonstrates a solid moving image, which is what viewers perceive.

Is a DLP Projector Right for You?

DLP technology is smaller and lighter than LCD projectors, making them easy to travel with when on-the-go. DLP projectors last longer than LCD panels and are less demanding in the maintenance department, but provide clear, high-definition images. High contrast ratios in DLP projectors offer a greater range of dark and light shades, meaning your viewers can see projected images on the screen without eyestrain. Many DLP projectors are HDMI capable and 3D-ready. Some devices even offer Blu-ray functionality, permitting users to project Blu-ray images without losing any image quality. Consider whether a digital light processing projector is right for you by determining key features and strengths of each device, as well as factoring in what you intend to project from your device.

Factors to Consider Before Making Your Decision:

  • Your ideal budget.
  • The intended use of the device - business or personal?
  • What is your perceived acceptable quality?
  • Will you travel with the video projector to use at various locations?
  • What special features are available and what is important to have?

At CCI Solutions, we offer a wide selection of DLP projectors with a variety of technology features to meet your requirements. Call or contact us for a consultation and find the best quality projector and other professional video equipment for your needs today.