Sennheiser E904 Drum Microphone with clip mount

Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone for clip-on drum applications

5.0 out of 5 stars

What's in the box:

  • Sennheiser E904 Cardioid Drum and Percussion Microphone
  • Carry Pouch
  • MZH 604 Microphone Clamp
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Provides great sound without getting in the way

The cardioid e 904 is a dynamic instrument microphone specifically designed for drum applications. Featuring a very short body with integrated stand mount and a universal rim clip, the e 904 provides great sound without getting in the way in even the most crowded setups.


  • Full, impressive, lively sound for drums and percussion
  • Very fast attack
  • Compact body ideal for mounting on toms and snares
  • Excellent sound profiling,adapts to all percussive styles
  • Robust reinforced metal casing

Specifications for the Sennheiser E904 Drum Microphone

{ "Dimensions": "63 x 41 mm", "Connector": "XLR-3", "Frequency response": "40 - 18000 Hz", "Weight": "125 g", "Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz)": "2 mV/Pa", "Nominal impedance": "350 Ω", "Min. terminating impedance": "1000 Ω" }

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Stephen Lund
We bought the e904 when one of our e604's died from our drummer's sticks. Like most professional tools, the differences tend to be in the nuances or flavors. The slight difference in tonality and clarity. I think the 904 have just a bit more detail and I would say it's about like using different skins on the drum. What tone and flavor do you like? For me, I will buy the e904's the next time we need tom mics.

I'm not crazy about the mount. But I will say it works better than I expected. The plastic is a good balance of flexibility and ruggedness. I have yet to have one break on me, and they grab onto the edge of the drum just fine - usually. The only problem comes in when you have a drum rim that is just too wide. Or where you need to position the mic, the rim at that point is too wide. I've been able to work around it, but it does lead to some frustration sometimes. And at least it comes with the clip so I don't have to use another stand like I would for a traditional mic. And that saves a lot of clutter around the kit.

I definitely recommend the e904. I think you'll be happy as well.