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Clear, Jewel and Blank CD Cases

While vinyl is predicted to outsell CDs for the first time since 1986 and online digital streaming services are currently king, there remains a number of things that CDs can do that the other formats cannot. They're versatile in the type of files they hold, allowing for storage of music files, photos, computer games, and other applications. And they're strong— being able to withstand a number of situations that would render vinyl useless. They're mobile, as well. Whether you have a Bluetooth connection on your car stereo or not, chances are you do have a CD player. Additionally, music CDs from the early days of CD technology can be worth a lot of money. How do you protect the investment you've put into your music collection, save the CDs you've entrusted to hold your valuable files, and get your music and original artwork into the hands of others in a format you know they will be able to access? The answer is CD replacement cases.

CCI Solutions offers a variety of CD replacement cases and other media supplies to fit your needs. If you're an independent musician, you can purchase CD cases by the caseload, complete with a clear front for your artwork. For a more traditional look and more options to include artwork, check out the jewel cases which feature a clear front and back, along with a center tray for the CD. If you simply need a single case to replace a broken original case, take a look at the options we have for under $1.00, including case offerings in black or clear plastic for your disc. We even have cases available that will hold two CDs, providing an excellent option for your musical series or disc collections. Our skilled staff is available Monday through Friday to discuss options at an affordable price for your CD storage or your next audio project. Contact us today.