Discover Assisted Listening System Solutions for an increasingly hearing impaired population!

The more challenging the acoustics and sound system are in your sanctuary, the more important it is to provide an "assistive" or assisted listening system to congregation members with hearing difficulties.

One of the challenges for people with mild to severe hearing loss is being able to separate out and clearly hear speech over any kind of ambient room sounds or background noise. These background sounds can range from air-conditioning blowers to small children crying to music. When these sounds happen at the same time the pastor is speaking, it can become almost impossible for someone with a hearing impairment to understand what’s being said.

The more challenging the acoustics of the room and the worse the existing sound system, the more important an assisted listening device becomes. Assisted hearing devices for churches are crucial in making sure your service is accessible to everyone.

Hearing Loss Increasing!

36 million people in the US have a hearing loss. In the next 20 years, baby boomers will make that number go up dramatically, possibly 51 to 65 million people. Even before the American with Disabilities Act in 1990, many churches were way ahead of the curve, providing assisted listening systems, hearing solutions and hearing support to congregation members in need of hearing assistance. Still, there are many that are making no provisions for hearing-impaired parishioners.

Many people looking for hearing devices for hearing impaired church goers ask about the difference between "assistive listening systems" and "assistive listening devices" because the language in the ADA was updated in 2001 to clarify the difference between the two. It's really just a matter of one type being installed, referred to as a "system," and the other being portable components, more like a portable personal pa. CCI Solutions offers complete hearing systems, hearing system components and accessories from highly-trusted brands like Listen Technologies, Williams Sound and Telex SoundMate.

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