Professional Headphones

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Comfort. Reliability. Accuracy. Quality. What is the most important characteristic you look for in over-ear headphones? There's no need to compromise. CCI Solutions carries the best selection of professional headphones from top brands including Audio Technica, Sony, Sennheiser and Shure. Whether you are a recording professional, a sound engineer or a performing arts manager for your school or church, high-quality, over-ear headphones are critical to the quality of your work.

Features of Over-Ear Headphones

Accurate frequency, superior isolation, and professional sound quality ensure you can make critical mixing decisions. Over-ear headphones are often preferred by audio professionals because of their isolating earcups and robust build quality. From studio tracking and mixing to DJ monitoring and personal listening, professional over-ear headphones provide clarity, an extended frequency range, and deep, accurate bass response. Professional-grade earpads and headbands make them comfortable, even during long recording sessions. Swivel earcups allow for one-ear monitoring, and collapsible design makes them easily portable.

Top Qualities to Look For in Over-Ear Headphones

What else should you consider when shopping for headphones? Here are our 10 favorite features.

  1. Accurate frequency
  2. Ergonomic fit
  3. Closed-back design
  4. Collapsible for easy storage
  5. Replaceable ear pads
  6. Frequency response
  7. Enhanced isolation 
  8. Superior transient response

You'll find these features and more among the over-ear headphones selection at CCI Solutions. Consult with our experts to find out which headphone style will work best for you. Shop the rest of our sound and audio equipment today.