Stage Lighting Special Effects

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Antari HZ-350 Fog Machine

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Enhance your stagecraft and add visual impact with stage lighting special effects. Slight amounts of haze above your stage will create beams of refracted light that emanate from your stage light fixtures. The impact is incredible. Imagine the ambiance created by a light dusting of snow during your Christmas services. Special effects machines make this and more possible.

What Special Effects are Available?

Creating special effects can be simple with the right equipment. Here's a sampling of the types of special effects products you'll find at CCI Solutions, including professional fog and smoke machines.

  • Smoke or haze machines are ideal for creating an even haze with a long hang time. These machines produce voluminous smoke effects that are non-toxic and won't dry out your performers' mouths and throats.
  • Fog machines create low-lying clouds that hug the floor. Units such as the Cumulus by Chauvet operate by simply converting distilled water into a thin mist, with no need for dry ice. Get fog-on-demand with a unit that instantly heats and produces your desired effect. Alternately, some prefer the ultimate in fog technology, such as the ADJ Fog Fury 3000, which uses an oil transmission. This high-performance pump system can produce 21,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. 
  • Snow machines create the perfect winter wonderland. The VF Flurry is a highly efficient 600-Watt snow machine capable of spraying two to five meters.

Why Choose CCI Solutions?

Browse our name brand stage lighting special effects. From Antari and ADJ to Chauvet and Pea Soup, we have all the special effects equipment you need to produce the perfect show. Let our team of experts help you select the ideal lighting equipment. Contact us for a free consultation today.