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Stage lighting is vital to the success of your performance. It's so much more than just illuminating an event. It creates your desired atmosphere, sets the time and place, focuses the audience's attention, evokes emotion and creates energy. When the lighting system is synchronized with audio, it enhances the sound experience too. Ensure you have the best lighting possible by using professional truss rigging from CCI Solutions. Our extensive inventory of lighting truss systems and stands features a variety of sizes, colors, weights, and capabilities.

Why Use Stage Truss Rigging?

Without stage truss rigging, your lighting opportunities are limited to where you can hang or sit your fixtures. Those limitations can result in a less impactful performance. Your musician or actor needs to be able to move about the stage in a way that works with the creative flow of the production. Whether you are setting up for a theatrical or musical performance, a DJ stand, party lighting or any other event, a stage truss lighting system gives your performances the creative freedom to move about in a way that contributes to a dynamic show.

What Stage Lighting Truss Options Are Available?

Flexibility is the key advantage of stage truss lighting. It can be hung, flown or supported on the ground, depending on the logistics of your venue and the requirements of the show. The possible locations for your lighting are innumerable. Truss rigging is the only way to be able to support lighting equipment in the air. Many sizes and shapes are available, depending on the weight of what you need to support.

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Talk to our expert staff about how to achieve your lighting position goals. In addition to stage lighting, CCI Solutions has an extensive selection of audio and sound equipment to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you to the ideal solution for your audio, sound and lighting needs. Get your free expert consultation today.