Wireless Microphones

Performers, musicians, content creators, speakers, interview personnel, and actors are just a few of many individuals who utilize wireless microphone systems to develop, broadcast, and produce quality audio content. Whether you seek to purchase a complete wireless audio set or want to add a new wireless microphone to your existing set, it's important to understand the systems that will best fit your project purpose. At CCI Solutions, we offer the wireless microphone products and expertise you need to get your professional venture kickstarted today.

What Are Wireless Microphone Systems

Wireless microphones, or cordless microphones, do not have a physical cable connected directly to the recording or amplifying equipment, where the rest of the audio equipment is connected to the receiver unit by a cable. There is a type of wireless microphone for every occasion. Becoming widely popular in audio production, wireless microphone systems typically have fewer issues with shorted wiring, less cable requirements, and far less cable-related tripping. They are much more convenient for performers, musicians, and other subjects that need mobility to provide a more engaging or interactive performance.

The world of wireless microphones can be daunting. We're here to help! When considering a professional wireless microphone system, you need to think about whether you want your transmission to be analog or digital, if you want UHF or VHF, handheld, head-worn or lavalier, and what MHz means. These decisions can be intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with these equipment options and amenities.

Types of Professional Wireless Microphone Systems

Familiarizing yourself with various types of wireless mics is the first step to purchasing the best-quality microphone for your project.


Lavalier microphones are mini mics, designed to be wearable by attaching to clothing. Although lapel mic systems have a cable, it connects to a small transmitter called a "bodypack," which is used for wireless operation.


Headsets and earsets are miniature microphones with a frame to mount over an individual's head or ear. Similar to Lavalier mics, these sets have cables that mount to a bodypack transmitter, too.


Handheld microphones are the most popular and traditional wireless mics. They are meant to be held or mounted on a stand. These microphones include a wireless transmitter within the body of the mic, which eliminates the need for cables.

Looking for a Wireless Microphone?

If you're looking to cut the cord, you need a quality and professional wireless microphone system. Consult a professional at CCI Solutions today. We will assist you in purchasing the perfect microphone for your audio project. Call or contact us today and let us make your purchase simple, fast, and easy.