Protection. Organization. Accessibility. These are three top reasons why you need equipment cases for your audio gear. As your equipment inventory grows, storage can often be neglected, and in turn your audio gear gets lost or damaged. However, to keep your gear secure and usable, you need the right cases, bags and racks.

Types of Audio and Sound Cases

  • Mixer cases and bags keep this valuable piece of equipment safe. Live sound mixers generally have quite a few moving parts and sensitive electronics, keeping it protected is critical. Hard-sided and padded cases do a great job of ensuring your mixer has a long life and works every time you show up to mix. Get an equipment case with heavy-duty handles and built-in caster wheels to make larger consoles ultra-portable. 
  • Microphone cases and bags protect your microphones and make them much easier to carry. While soft bags are more budget-friendly, hard cases offer the ultimate protection and ensure your microphones operate at their best. Organize into multiple bags based on their uses or get one large case that can easily hold up to 30 microphones. 
  • Equipment cases make loading and unloading equipment like keyboards, drums, and easier and more manageable and protect your gear between gigs. Safeguard your audio gear and your back with mobile cases that are lightweight, highly durable, and include wheels. Invest in waterproof utility cases to add protection from environmental elements or natural disasters. 
  • Rack cases provide complete, portable systems for all your audio equipment, including heavy amplifiers. Flexible sizing ensures you get just what you need to hold and protect everything. Rack cases keep all your audio equipment completely enclosed, safeguarding them from the dangers of moving to various venues or the hazards of your storage room. They are built tough, usually from wood, a lighter weight polypropylene or other durable plastic.

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