Wireless Transmission

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Wireless video transmitters can be great problem solvers, capturing both audio and video signals and transmitting them over distance without using cables. One-way wireless video transmitters are great problem solvers is for in-house video distribution where cable paths are difficult to find, but announcement loops or broadcast video needs to be transmitted from one room to another. An HDMI wireless transmitter allows those in other rooms to share video content without the hassle of cables. Another big trend in wireless video transmission is broadcasting stage or remote broadcast cameras wirelessly back to your video switcher for incorporation into the broadcast. These HD-SDI broadcast quality wireless video transmitters are a great solution for portable or temporary video shoots.

How Does Wireless Video Transmission Work?

Generally wireless video transmission systems have both a dedicated transmitter and receiver that transmits point to point. The transmitter captures the audio and video from an input and sends both together wirelessly to a receiver that then decodes that signal to a usable output. For short to medium distance transmission, wireless signals are sent over RF allowing for both low latency and high quality, 1080p transmission. For higher end or very long transmission needs, long-range wireless microwave solutions are available as well.

Types of Transmission Devices You Can Find at CCI

From small-scale productions to high-definition performances, we carry the wireless video transmission and receiver devices to meet your needs. You'll find devices for:

  • Wireless Computer Presentation. Wirelessly transmit your presentation from your computer, iOS, or Android device to your display or projector using the Kramer Via Connect Pro.
  • Point to Point HDMI. Regardless of what you are outputting from, you'll find HDMI transmitters to meet those needs. Output from a small video switcher to your projector for easy presentation using the Kramer KW-14 Wireless HD Transmitter and Receiver.
  • Single HDMI Transmitter to Multiple Receivers. The Peerless PeerAir Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System allows multicast to up to six receivers, great for transmitting overflow video, announcements, or classroom video to multiple rooms.
  • Broadcast Video.  The Teradek Bolt (call for more information) is one solution available to transmit broadcast-quality, 1080p video with low latency up to 500’ away.

How to Choose the Right Video Transmission Device

  1. The first step is deciding how you will use the system and knowing what existing video equipment it needs to interface with. If your goal is to send an HDMI computer feed to multiple displays around your lobby, a simple short-range HDMI transmission system will get the job done. 
  2. The second factor is knowing how far your video needs to transmit, how many walls are between the transmitter and receiver, and what those walls are made of. The more obstacles you have, or the more metal they were built with, the stronger the signal needs to be.
  3. The last factor is knowing how much latency, or delay, you can live with. The lower your latency needs to be, the higher end your system will need to be to achieve that.

Not sure what you need? CCI Solutions has a wide selection of wireless video transmission devices and additional professional video equipment at competitive prices. Our National Sales Consultants would love to help you design a system from scratch or get you the last few products you need to complete your system.