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Blank DVDs by MediaSafe™ Are Guaranteed for Life!

Choosing a blank DVD that's worthy of your recording project is crucial to how your music, messages and presentations are seen and heard. Buying a professional blank DVD is more than just relying on a name brand, or choosing to pay more for your discs. Inferior DVDs coming from Chinese and Taiwanese factories have glutted the industry with inferior blank DVDs. This means 1 out of 2 blank DVDs on the market are so bad they could compromise the success of your project, wasting your time and money.

Blank DVD Buyer's Guide

This guide is meant to give you some easy tips to help ensure you are buying Premium or professional quality blank DVDs. Use it when selecting your DVDs and you'll end up with a final product you are proud to distribute to fans, present to industry professionals or share with your audience.

  1. Price

    Cheap blank DVDs are a gamble. You take time, creativity and a lot of energy creating your material. Don't chance your success to fate by reproducing it on inferior media. Use MediaSafe™ Premium blank DVDs to produce the best DVD master discs. MediaSafe™ professional blank DVDs are perfectly acceptable for the DVDs you are going to use for mass distribution and give you reliable DVDs at an affordable price.

  2. Location of Manufacturer

    The best blank DVDs are manufactured in Japan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates [UAE]. DVDs made in China or Malaysia are notoriously defective and unreliable. DVDs from CCI Solutions are manufactured in Japan, Singapore and the UAE, not in China or Malaysia.

  3. Material

    Don't be fooled into thinking Gold DVDs are better than silver recordable DVDs. Gold discs have poor reflectivity and the dye quality hasn't burned well in tests performed by industry professionals. Buying gold blank DVDs will get you mediocre media at premium prices. Don't buy gold DVDs. They are a waste of money.

  4. Durability

    Taiyo Uden DVDs with waterproof dvd technology might be the right choice if you need extra durability. Unlike normal inkjet DVD-Rs, WaterShield DVDs are water resistant, scratch resistant, and feature a glossy finish which produces great eye-popping color when printed.

  5. Media ID

  6. Knowing the Media ID of your blank DVDs is even more important than knowing the brand. Media IDs can tell you if your blank DVD was manufactured by a reputable company or a counterfeit company using fake IDs. It is not written on packaging or anywhere else. To find the media ID code, put a blank disc into your computer DVD burner drive. You will need to install special software that can read the ID such as ImgBurn or Toast. The resulting media ID code will correspond to a specific manufacturer.

    If you have a leftover spindle of DVDs and you want to know who manufactured them, give us a call with the Media ID and our media professionals will be happy to investigate for you. You might be surprised what you discover!

    Here are some examples of DVD manufacturers using fake Media IDs. These manufacturers should be avoided under ALL circumstances:

    Media IDManufacturerDates MadeAdditional Info
    TYG02, TYG03, MCC03RG20, MCC02RG20, MCC003, MCC004Sheng Wang2009-2010Still available in the Asian market
    TYG02Infosmart, Optodisc, MAM-America, MAM-Europe2005-2010Asian fakes still being readily found
    MCC02RG20, MCC003Infosmart2005-2007Seen more in Europe than the USA

  7. Warranty & Return Policy
    Discs with fake IDs are an annoyance and can ruin a great project. Most fake media comes from China. Found more often in Europe and Asia than in the USA, it is found in street markets, on eBay and online resellers who have put profit first and quality and integrity second.

DVD companies that advertise bulk DVDs on Alibaba.com are often Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers selling their own cheaply-made, low quality media with faked Mitsubishi and Taiyo Yuden media IDs. In some cases, these companies don't even have their own media IDs. Their only goal is to turn a quick profit with no interest in creating a quality product in good faith. Buyer beware!

MediaSafe™ DVDs have verifiable Media IDs, and are guaranteed to perform perfectly with no data loss for 100 years! Plus, we fully guarantee every DVD you buy with a satisfaction guarantee. If your DVDs don't perform 100% perfectly, we will replace them or refund your money. You aren't going to get that from any office superstore!