Professional Video Equipment

Video plays an important role in various aspects of our everyday life including education, communication, marketing and self-expression. As such, it is important to ensure you have the best quality video recording equipment and accessories to catch viewers' attention. You can count on us at CCI Solutions. We offer high-quality recording equipment and accessories to get you started or to enhance your current setup. Get the visuals you want and need, knowing you are fully supported by our expert production consultants. Let us help you select the most reliable products for your video streaming operation, so you can produce a stellar production every time.

Video Equipment for All Projects

No matter your video project, we've got the perfect professional video equipment for you. Whether you need gear for your home setup, a theater production, or a school project, check out our selection of video accessories and equipment. We offer LED video walls, a plethora of projectors, screens, lamps, mounts, stands, recorders, wireless transmitters, switchers and mixers, converters, cameras, software, and more. Call us to see how we can help support your recording and streaming needs.

Video Projectors & Accessories

At CCI Solutions, we provide a wide variety of high-quality and professional video projectors, including laser projectors, LCD projectors, and DLP projectors. Available accessories include projector lenses, lamps, mounts, stands, carts, cases, and other video recording and streaming accessories. Investing in a high-quality projector will significantly enhance your audience's engagement. Ask our experts for more information and get the right projector for your video project today.

LED Video Walls

LED Video walls use interlocking LED-array panels to create one seamless video screen of any size and aspect ratio imaginable. Impress your audience with a larger-than-life experience with this professional video equipment. We offer a variety of package selections for you to choose from, including indoor wall-mounted LED video walls, flown indoor LED video walls, and portable indoor/outdoor LED video walls. Bring clarity to your message with these incredible professional video displays.

At CCI Solutions, our friendly, expert staff of consultants is more than happy to help you browse our selection of professional video products. Whether you need a video camera, projector or simple accessories, we have it all from top name brands. Talk to our production consultants today about our top brands and get your perfect setup of professional video recording and streaming accessories.