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Professional Audio Systems

Whether you are setting up a home recording studio to facilitate your new podcast, upgrading your current audio recording equipment or designing a professional audio system, quality studio equipment is the key to your success. CCI Solutions has everything you need to get the best audio for your recording studio. In today's fast-paced digital world, you need equipment that is high-tech and mobile while delivering top-quality sound, music, and recordings. Our recording studio equipment includes:

  • CD & DVD players: Our inventory includes Blu-ray players for high-resolution video, as well as CD players equipped for Red Book CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs.
  • Podcasting equipment: From microphones to mixers, we have everything you need to produce your podcast. Search our inventory of gear, including audio interfaces and recorders, mixers, headphones, amplifiers, mic stands, shock mounts, cables, and editing software.
  • Recording mixers: Find the ideal mixer for sound reinforcement, general audio recording, and audio-visual systems. Choose from large, mid, small and compact digital mixers.
  • Signal processors: Whether you are looking for an all-in-one signal processing channel strip that includes your preamp, EQ and dynamics control unit, or you prefer to separate these functions and go with a different type of dynamics control, CCI has the solution.
  • Computer audio: Turn your computer into a professional recording studio. Scan our selection of software, controllers, USB hookups and Firewire Audio Interface.
  • Studio microphones: Maintaining signal integrity is critical to producing quality sound. Scan our vast selection of studio microphones to fit any budget.
  • Monitor systems: To produce quality audio, you must be able to hear what you are doing, and there's just no substitute for a quality monitoring system. Find the ideal system for your content creation.
  • Recording accessories: Remote controls, adapters, mic clips, and stands, batteries, recorders and much more. The list of recording accessories is vast. Choose from CCI's wide selection to streamline your studio recording workflow.
  • Microphone preamps: Ramp up to the sound levels you need without that annoying crackling noise. A quality preamp boosts even a budget console. Get as much as 25dB of extra gain!
  • Phono preamps: Get the most out of your sound system by optimizing your signal levels. A quality phono preamp can raise your record player's output to the right level.
  • CD and DVD duplicators: Streamline your operation by duplicating multiple discs at once. We have various sizes of duplicators to meet your needs and protect your data with quick and efficient backups.

Not sure what recording studio & audio equipment you need? Our knowledgeable staff can help you access your needs and pick out the perfect audio devices. Contact our expert team for a free consultation and check out our large inventory of audio and sound equipment from top brands today!