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Allen & Heath CC-7

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Video Transcript

There are a lot of analog portable mixers out... Probably 50 different companies make them. Allen & Heath makes them a little differently at this kind of price point... and I'm going to do something I wouldn't do with any other mixer... Take a look....[bang, bang, bang, bang] You just wouldn't do that with any other analog mixer. Why can I do that and be confident that this mixer is gonna hold up? Because it's an "old school" construction. "Old school" construction means: instead of one big circuit board and all the pots, all the controls being mounted on that one circuit board, which is a cheap way to make a mixer, there's an individual circuit board for each channel strip. So each channel strip has its own circuit board, and each potentiometer has a bolt and a nut and it's bolted right to this stainless steel frame. So you can bend that and move that but you're not going to break the circuit board underneath. "Old school" construction. So this thing's going to hold up. ...when you carry it around, even when you drop it a little bit... or bang on it, or do something like that.

So what are the features now that we know it's a robust construction and great quality? Well, it has, in this particular version, 16 inputs. It's called the "16FX." Zed 16FX... because it has 16 inputs and an effects bus as well. You've got a standard trim control, You've got the 100Hz high-pass filter which is what we use to take out rumble from vocal microphones and from other microphones that don't need the low end, like say, drums or a keyboard instrument. So you just press that button and take that rumble or potential low-end feedback right out. You've got 3-band EQ, and the 3-band EQ is low and high with a sweet mid. So you've got a nice, easy to use, but very versatile EQ to get just that tone you're looking for. Three bands, excuse me, three monitor sends, Aux 1, 2 and 3 and a 4th which is an effects send. So you can run 3 circuits of monitors, 3 channels of monitors and an effects send, You've got a pan control and of course the mute switch, and a PFL, so it's a full-featured mixer. I sit here and I with the PFL I can listen to any input on my headphones or a combination of inputs, and of course I can mute the channels and you've got a small LED, a red LED, that'll tell you when the channel is muted.

As you move on over to this section of the mixer, You'll notice that you have an effects send right here and the effects send hooks up to the internal effects. There are 16 of them, You just cycle right through the effects like this... You've got typical delay and reverb types of things. You've got uh,uh ...a tap control. So if you want to take and synch it to the music you just press the tap control and it'll synch to the beat of the music. You've got a complete metering section here... ...a complete headphone section... Up here you've got a USB that's bi-directional, so you can send a USB signal into the board, and you can record USB out. So to your laptop or another device. And of course another cool thing about this is the left and rights are separate. A lot of times you'll see the left and right masters being combined. Here if you want to split the left and rights you can go ahead and adjust them, or if you want to say, take the left and use it for the main house, and the right and feed it to the foyer or some other monitor you can do that. and a lot of them can't to that, don't have a split left and right. So the ZED-16FX A great, reliable well-built, "old shool" analog mixer.