Lighting Equipment

Lighting is essential in all production projects, including photography, film, concerts, etc. The right production lighting equipment is necessary to ensure your audience receives a quality experience with exceptional visuals. Whether you need lighting for your church, theater, or live band performance, we've got the lighting solutions and production equipment you need.

At CCI Solutions, we offer an extensive selection of production lighting equipment, including stage lights, and house lights for live and stage productions, and more. Check out our top name brands, including Chauvet, ADJ, Blizzard, Chroma-Q, ChamSys, and others. Not sure what equipment or accessories you may need to get started? Our knowledgeable experts are ready to point you in the right direction. Give us a call and our expert consultants will supply you with the right materials to perfect your project lighting.

Lighting Fixtures for Stage Lights, House Lights, Lamps, and More

Our wide selection of production lighting equipment & fixtures offers a variety of lighting purposes, visuals, and accessories. LED House lighting, lamp and LED stage lights offer great opportunities for you to create a spectacular luminous experience for your audience. Produce cutting-edge color schemes for your stage, play with the ambience of your theater, get the perfect white, pastel, or saturated RGB lighting to spark your creative inspiration. Add accessories like lighting stands, truss and rigging, light controllers, dimmer packs, and more, to enhance your visual experience. Upgrade your special effects with pattern gobos, lamps, and other accessories.

The Difference Between LED and Incandescent Lighting

There is a significant difference between using LED versus non-LED lighting for your project. Depending on your project focus and intent, you will want to determine the best lighting to properly reflect your focal points, props, subjects, etc.

Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent lights (non-LED lights) are your classic light bulbs. These lights are cheap to manufacture, affordable to purchase, and they are widely available, fitting a variety of voltages, light outputs, and current (AC/DC power adapters). Incandescent lighting is reliable for generating a color rendering index with temperatures up to 2700K. Efficiency ratings typically run around 10 lumens/watt, with bulbs lasting approximately 1,200 operating hours. Being omnidirectional, incandescent lights produce a 360-degree spotlight, meaning you will likely find yourself reaching for production lighting equipment that can reflect and redirect your light where you need illumination.

LED Lighting

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This lighting is generated by an electrical component with dual electrodes (anode and cathode) to channel the flow of electricity, meaning LED lights operate on certain specific voltages, current levels, and light intensities. The advantages of using LED production lighting equipment include the promise of a long lifespan (usually 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more). LED lights are energy efficient and emit light directionally (180-degrees), allowing you to point your lighting where you need it most. Light from LEDs is higher quality with lower maintenance costs and hassle. Additional advantages of using LED lighting include the variety of accessories, color options, and more, that can provide upgraded perks to your production setup.

Other Lighting Equipment Available

Check out our selection of available stage lighting dimmer packs, special effects, and controllers. Options and brands include, ChamSys, ADJ, Jands, Leviton, ETC, and more. We provide high-quality lighting consoles and dimmer modules in a variety of different universe and channel quantities. Looking for a fog machine and fans? We've got those too! Ask us your questions and get the right equipment for your production lighting setup today.

Stands, Patterns, & Accessories

If you need stage lighting accessories to go along with your gear, CCI Solutions provides professional grade pattern gobos, holders, replacement lamps, bulbs, DMX cables, and other lighting accessories for you to choose from. Not sure if we carry something you're looking for? Call us or stop by to find out.

At CCI Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best in quality lighting and production equipment. Contact us today for a free consultation or installation assistance when you buy your next production lighting equipment or any other professional video & sound equipment at CCI Solutions.