Worship Software

We live in a digital world, and that includes worship services. Worship media software is a valuable tool that helps create and display engaging content. Replace printed materials by displaying song lyrics and bible verses on screen. Include video or still pictures in your sermons to help listeners visualize and connect with your main point. Easily make announcements or display other important information on your screens via effective church software.

Why Add Media to Sermons?

About 65 percent of the population are visual learners. Reach the heart of your listeners. Help them digest your message by adding rich, media-heavy presentations to your sermon. Worship software makes doing this simple.

Key Features of Software for Churches

Worship software allows you to control presentations with content from various sources on one screen, while dynamically presenting to your audience. Church software offered by CCI Solutions has tools that allow you to easily perform the following tasks.

  • Create and display song lyrics, liturgies, bible verses and announcements.
  • Separate song lyrics by groups of singers.
  • Write on slides or videos dynamically through a telestrator function, creating a true teaching atmosphere.
  • Import content from various bible translations, worship lyrics sources or other media stores.
  • Easily integrate with existing files you already have.
  • Make last-minute changes easily.
  • Build complex presentations with stackable text boxes, bullets, transparent PNGs, as well as video elements and graphics, all on a single slide.

Who Should Use Worship Software?

Churches who want to engage their listeners but may not have a huge budget will see tremendous benefit from using church software. Worship software allows you to create sermons as engaging as those performed by some of the biggest megachurches, but in the intimate atmosphere of your smaller worship venue. Church software is also ideal for churches that travel or move venues since it ensures you always have the files you need for your service. Lastly, if you operate with minimal staff and rely heavily on volunteers, worship software provides an easy-to-use, unified platform, so that your service is consistent regardless of who's at the helm that day.

Worship Software Offered at CCI Solutions

Make your gatherings easier to put together and more memorable with worship media software from CCI Solutions. We stock a wide range of brands, including EasyWorship, Renewed Vision and Soft Touch. Choose between a Windows or Mac operating system and unlock the power of a versatile software system. Talk to a member of our team today to get the professional video equipment for your worship services.