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The Light Source Mega-Coupler

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Stage lighting accessories are an integral part of performances. Whether you are part of a motivating worship service, a Broadway production, or a school play, appropriate lighting accessories introduce new features, add versatility and help you overcome lighting challenges. Although they may seem like small items, lighting accessories can provide you with the control you need to take your performance from mediocre to stellar. CCI Solutions has a huge selection of stage lighting accessories, including stands, clamps, and lamps. Search our equipment to find high-quality stage lighting accessories perfect for your performance.

Types of Stage Lighting Accessories

Add creativity and professionalism to your next performance with our stage lighting accessories. Our selection includes:

  • Lighting stands: This equipment ensures you can securely place lighting wherever it's needed on the stage. Get a lighting stand with a truss that can hold up to 16 PAR cans or go with a basic light stand that holds four to eight lights. These are portable, lightweight and easy to put together, making them ideal for portable churches, live gigs, and schools with various performance needs. The portability of lighting stands makes them easy to store when they are not in use.
  • Stage lighting clamps: These allow you to hold your lighting fixtures in place and keep them from moving. Clamps, claws, and couplers securely attach these units to lighting stands or other stationary surfaces. There are two types of clamps, an individual clamp that uses a bolt to secure the light to a pipe, and a beam clamp, which enables you to clamp onto an I Beam.
  • PAR lights: These are the most common type of light fixtures used in stage performances. They are known for providing extremely bright lighting while also spotlighting specific areas of the stage. PAR fixtures accomplish this task so well they are also used as landing lights in airstrips and as locomotive headlights. Opt for PAR HID or LED lights to save energy while still having superior illumination. Choose from various colors and sizes, including lightbulbs ranging from two to eight inches.

CCI Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your stage lighting and accessories. Talk to one of our experts about your specific needs.