LED Stage Lights

Create a Perfect Lighting Setup

Great lighting is a key component in a truly fantastic immersive experience. The proper lighting lets you set the mood, enhance the performance, and focus the audience's attention where you want it, when you want it there. LED stage lights run cool, the LED's last for more than 10 years, and the fixtures weigh significantly less than traditional stage lights.

Getting the Basics Right

The perfect combination of different lighting components can make or break a performance. Consider the different types of LED stage lights for your next event.

PAR Cans

PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) cans are probably the most popular LED lighting choice across a wide range of venues and events. LED bulb technology has dramatically changed the already ubiquitous PAR cans, making them more energy-efficient and much lighter than before. The light weight of par fixtures makes them a great choice for any mobile or portable performance applications.


We carry a wide selection of LED spotlights to suit your needs:

  • Fresnel light fixtures have a long history of providing simple but effective lighting that can change from spot to flood as needed.
  • An ellipsoidal, or leko, light is one of the most versatile types of lights. It allows you to change the intensity of the beam, along with the color, size, shape, and more! Lekos will probably give you the most diverse range of lighting effects of any light you may use.
  • A followspot light is a visual pointer directing the audience's attention to a specific performer.

Other LED Lights

  • Moving lights are so versatile, and have so many functions, that you will need to be fully versed in the use of a controller to make the best use of these fixtures.
  • Bars and battens let you 'paint' the stage with light and color.
  • Different effects LED lighting fixtures can create a wide range of special lighting effects, from mini lasers to onstage blizzards!

Controllers and Interfaces

These are the electronic tools you'll need to achieve ultimate control over your lighting fixtures. The type and model you choose will be based in a large part on the type and number of lights you're using and how you're using them.

Clamps, Stands, and Other Light Accessories

Lighting clamps let you place lights right where you need them. They're particularly useful for hanging lights from overhead pipes. Since the best lighting setups use lights at all different heights, lighting stands give you the varied heights you will need. We also carry all of those little accessories that make a big impact on your LED stage lighting setup.

Why Choose LED Stage Lights From CCI Solutions?

When you're looking for LED stage lighting systems and fixtures, look to CCI Solutions first. Our selection, prices, and 40+ years of experience in visual and sound technologies put us at the forefront of audio/visual suppliers. Our friendly technical consultants would love to help you design a LED stage lighting system that is perfect for your needs!