Professional Video Camera Accessories

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Take your video production to the next level with professional video camera accessories. Accessories help to elevate and stabilize cameras, provide extended control, or create even lighting so you get quality results every time. Master your next video project with accessories from CCI Solutions.

Types of Videography Accessories

  • Tripods help to stabilize your equipment for optimal performance. Regardless of the terrain or environment, you can rest assured that your camera will remain safely in place. Tripods come in various sizes for a perfect fit. Opt for one with flexible legs, so it can wrap around objects for creative shots. Or pick up a Monopod for shots on the go or times when space may be limited.
  • Camera batteries are great for video shoots on the go, ensuring you don’t have to pack a bulky power supply or set up your camera near an outlet.  But don’t be the camera person who ran out of battery mid-shoot, be sure to have spare batteries available so your shoot goes smoothly.
  • Extension columns are a great professional video camera accessory that allows you to make quick vertical adjustments with a couple simple twists. They are designed to easily install on your tripod for optimum security and flexibility.
  • Tripod adapters increase your setup speed and the adaptability of your tripod. You can easily mount various cameras without having to remove the tripod base with the appropriate adapter. Using certain adapters also opens up your tripod to a variety of other accessories, including suction cups, monopods, camera poles, clamps and more.
  • Lighting kits are critical to producing great video, ensuring your subjects are lit well enough for your audience to connect with. Video camera lighting kits are generally made up of a three-point lighting setup that includes a key light, fill light and back light. Get everything you need in one package. 
  • External Monitors give you more visibility and control over what you’re shooting.  The small, side screens on most cameras can be tough to see detail on, and often seem to be in a non-ideal location.  External monitors can be put above or beside the camera and give you a substantially bigger screen to see the detail that’s critical to your shoot.
  • External Hard Disk Recorders give you extended recording time on those long video shoots. Small data cards that fit inside your camera can fill up fast, especially at higher resolutions.  External Hard Drive Recorders allow you to shoot all day, and even at 4K resolution, without having to worry about running out of space on your compact media cards.  And as an added bonus, some external hard drives come complete with a built-in monitor as well, giving you two professional video camera accessories for the price of one.

Top Brands from CCI Solutions

CCI Solutions carries all the top brands of video camera accessories you can depend on for high-quality video production. Tripods from Italian manufacturers Cartoni and Manfrotto, external monitors from Marshall Electronics, and recorders from Atomos and BlackMagic Designs are just a few of the accessories that will make your video shoots successful.

Check out all of our video equipment today! Not sure what professional video camera equipment is best for your project? Get a free consultation with a member of our expert team.