DMX House Lights

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Whether you are looking to create subtle ambiance or a dramatic effect, CCI Solutions has an extensive selection of high-quality DMX house lighting fixtures to choose from. We feature top brands that are ideal for theatrical and performance environments where quality dimming and flicker-free operation is critical.

What is a DMX Light?

DMX stands for "Digital Multiplex." It is the standard protocol that enables digital communication to be used to control stage lighting and effects. DMX standardizes the control of professional light sources, allowing lights to be controlled from one main source.

Types of DMX House Lighting Fixtures

Choose from house light fixtures that will create a flexible atmosphere in your theatre, performing arts center, or church. We feature a variety of white and full color LED house light fixtures with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), ensuring you get quality light with accurate color representation compared to a natural light source. A CRI of 90 or above is considered optimal, and we carry a wide variety of LED house lights above and just below that threshold, with the lower CRI fixtures generally being more cost-effective.

House Lights from Top Brands

Ultra-smooth fades. Precision dimming. High-quality color rendering. Easy set-up. Simple controls. CCI Solutions features today’s top brands, including Chroma-Q and Chauvet Professional. Here's what that means for your DMX house lighting options.

  • Chroma-Q offers the industry-leading Inspire series of house lights, the leading RGBW (red, green, blue, and white) house lighting fixture in performance spaces.  The Inspire XT and Inspire are great for longer throws and where more output is needed and can be paired with the Inspire Mini for shorter throws, like under or above a balcony. The Inspire MD offers the perfect retrofit house lighting fixture when a fixed warm white color temperature is needed and can simply hook up to an existing dimming system.
  • Chauvet Professional is a leader in luminaries, trussing, controllers, atmospherics and all things "lighting." Their RGBAL (red, green, blue, amber, lime) color palette enables their fixtures to replicate nearly any color, including any color temperature of white. This brand is a favorite in theatres and churches, maximizing both price and performance.

Pick Your House Lighting Fixture

Whatever your lighting goals are, we have the solution. Check out our DMX house lighting fixtures and equipment today. Not sure what lighting equipment will work best for your room? Contact one of our experts for a free consultation.