Fix the Room first
A sound system's performance is only as good as the room's acoustics

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Consider the outcome:

  • Do you want a live room that imparts a sense of community and adds dimension to music performances?
  • Do you want a tight room with echo suppression for high speech intelligibility?
  • What approach is best to deliver great sound in spaces for both traditional and modern events?

I'd like to:

Acoustical Analysis

  • Discover the unique acoustic needs of the treated room
  • Gather sound characteristics from the existing room
  • Simulate and auralize acoustics to suit room's characteristics

Design & Budget

  • Design a system of active and passive acoustic products
  • Align the tonal character of the room to suit the project goals
  • Harmonize aesthetic considerations of fabric, finish, and surface design with the existing architecture


  • Prioritize the acoustical solution in the install process
  • Passive acoustic absorptive materials are light in weight, making for simplified wall anchoring systems
  • The physical task of hanging simplified acoustic tiles can be accomplished by CCI, subcontractors, or even an industrious DIY team

Venueflex was birthed out of a passion to find high-quality solutions that would meet many design and technology challenges they faced again and again. They believe in making every seat in the house sound like the sweet spot of the mix, and exceeding clients' expectations with new technology.
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We love their committment to excellence in all they do, from craftsmanship to their extensive knowledge in the House of Worship market

Venuflex's Dr. Paul Henderson sits with Luke Vogel, Lead Audio Engineer, to talk about implementing the Definition Process at Church of the Highlands.

Venuflex's goal is to inspire the creativity of architects, creatives, developers, and AVL professionals. They are pushing the boundaries of where the market is and setting a new standard for what's possible.

Active Acoustics are transforming spaces

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What are people saying about
Acoustics Designs

“With the recent remodel of our main campus at Scottsdale, we made a lot of acoustical changes and utilized the Venueflex Definition process throughout our room. This has given us such balance and energy throughout the auditorium and a full stereo mix experience in every seat without any hot spots. It's allowing us to do some things we've never been able to do before for our audience.”

Kevin Anvik
Production Director at Scottsdale Bible Church

“The biggest win on this, I think, is every seat in the house sounds good, which we did not have before. When you've got a room that holds 1,600 people, that's become very, very critical. I think that we feel that in worship all the way around.”

Billy Poore
Executive Pastor at NewSpring Church, Kansas

“Definition allows us to have both a live, natural sound for our choir and orchestra, and a room with tight low end and clear top end for our worship band. Thinking about the acoustics and the speakers as one system brings a whole new dimension to mixing that is hard to live without once you have experienced it.”

Alan Brown
Production Director at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene

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