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We carry a huge selection of projector lenses, far more than the modest collection shown here. Since each is specialized for projector body, application, throw distance and screen size, we strongly advise you call one of our video experts before placing a projector lens order online.

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Whether you are in a theater, school auditorium, church or another stage environment, the value of a projected image hinges on its quality. How do you select projection equipment that provides top quality? Choosing a projector lens optimized for your projection throw will help ensure your projector produces the results you need.

What does a Projector Lens Do?

Projectors create a projected image by shining a light through a light engine (either LCD or DLP based) and then transmitting that to your screen through a small, transparent lens.  A variety of features are available on lenses of today’s top projectors, including motorized shift, keystone, zoom, focus, and more.  These features make getting your image size, clarity, and sharpness a breeze, ensuring your audience just sees a great picture.

What features are most important in projector lenses? These three features are the most common, and most critical, to achieving excellence with your projection:

  • Throw ratio describes the distance a projector will sit from the screen. If your projector lens has a throw ratio of 2:1, that means for each foot of image width, the projector needs to be two feet away.
  • Zoom lens is a feature that allows you to make the picture smaller or larger without having to move the projector. The power of a zoom lens is defined in terms of the ratio of the size of the largest image to the smallest image the projector can zoom to. For example, a zoom ratio of 1-2:1 means the largest image it can zoom to is double the size of the smallest image.
  • Lens shift and keystone correction are features that make it much easier to center your image in the middle of the screen and adjust your picture when you can’t mount your projector in the ideal location for your screen. Most projectors have a manual lens shift and keystone correction, but some high-end devices offer these features via a motorized tool or remote control.

Types of Projector Lenses

From ultra-long throw lenses to middle and short-throw varieties, CCI Solutions has a wide selection of lenses with the latest features. How do you know what projector lens is best? If your throw distance is always constant, you can get a lens with a fixed throw ratio and save some money and some weight as your video projector lens will be smaller.  Call us with your screen size and the distance from the front of the projector lens to your screen, and we can calculate the right replacement lens for you. If your screen width varies, or your setup is portable so your projector distance will vary, invest in a lens with a variable zoom that allows you to adjust.

Make CCI Solutions your one-stop-shop for all your professional video equipment. Choose from top brands, including Christie, Barco, and Maxell. Not sure what lens best fits your needs? Talk to one of our National Sales Consultants for a free consultation