Sound Accessories

While performers and instruments often get the glory, the right audio and sound system accessories make a successful performance possible. Don't underestimate their value. Something as simple as the right tape or wire can determine the quality of your live show. CCI Solutions has a wide selection of sound accessories from the top best brands at great prices.

Types of Live Audio Accessories

  • Tape: Gaffer's tape keeps your cords and wires in their places and preventing plugs from getting pulled or becoming a trip hazard. Our tapes have a non-sticky residue to avoid leaving permanent marks at your venue.
  • Paging speakers and amplifiers: From mixer amplifiers and volume attenuators to speaker backboxes and tile bridges, we have the equipment and accessories you need to control the volume of your performance. These compact devices make it easy to control multiple sources and microphones within one device.
  • Connector panels and floor boxes: From simple connector plates to a variety of back boxes, ensure your sound accessories are securely plugged in. 
  • Call systems and pagers: Give your voice a boost with a paging horn. Great for public address systems, announcements and security applications, our call systems and pagers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor performances. Be sure your voice reaches every member of your live audience.
  • Audio cable testers: Don't let an unexpected problem ruin your live performance. Our audio cable testers offer versatile audio cable troubleshooting. Check the integrity of your cables before the show begins and perform with confidence.
  • Bulk speaker wire: Use only high-quality bulk speaker wire for your audio-video installation. At CCI, we buy the highest quality bulk speaker wire in large quantities and pass those savings on to you.

CCI carries all the live sound accessories you need for the perfect performance. Talk to one of our experts today about your audio and sound equipment needs.