Your sound set-up can make the difference between an enjoyable listening environment where words are easily discernible and other sounds are clear and vibrant and one where sounds are muddied and words difficult to understand. At CCI Solutions, we have the sound equipment you need to create an ideal listening environment.

Sound System Basics

An effective public address (PA) system relies on a varying mix of components with one goal in common. The professional sound system as a whole must deliver clear sound, whether live or recorded, to an audience.

Sound speakers

One component that is essential to all PA systems is the speaker. The system can be as simple as a single speaker or as complex as a whole wall of interlinked speakers, depending on the situation. There are a huge range of PA loudspeakers available, running the gamut of sizes, power, and functionality.

Our audio speaker selection includes:

  • Loudspeaker is often used interchangeably with speaker. In either case, its purpose is to amplify sound so it can be heard over a larger distance. We carry both passive loudspeakers and the more powerful professional PA loudspeakers.
  • Are you looking for powered or line array speakers? We have those, along with stage and studio monitors and subwoofers.
  • We also have ceiling, surface-mount, and column speakers.
  • Choosing the Right Loudpseaker System

    Your choice of a professional sound system depends on several factors including how and where you are using it. If you're constantly on the go, an all-in-one unit that's light enough to transport easily might be your best choice. A stationary unit is probably a better choice for a church or theater where the audio system has a more permanent setup.

    Speaker Accessories

    Having the right accessories available makes setting up and tearing down your professional sound system quicker and easier. It can also make transportation easier while also protecting your valuable equipment.

  • Speaker mounts offer a way to permanently elevate your speakers, so they are up and out of the way.
  • Adjustable speaker stands provide great sound elevation in a temporary setup.
  • Speaker bags offer you a convenient way to carry your speakers while also providing them with durable, padded protection.
  • From quality individual sound system components to everything you need to create the professional sound system of your dreams, CCI Solutions has it all!