Disc Printers & Publishers

Find the Perfect Printer or Publisher to Create Eye-Catching CDs and DVDs!

Disc printers and disc publishers are available with a wide range of features and capacities capable of serving the needs of both small and large groups, churches and organizations. Depending on your needs and goals for your CD or DVD project, it’s important to consider the differences between CD and DVD printers versus CD DVD publishers. A CD printer is a machine that will imprint a design on the surface of a blank CD or blank DVD. Printers do not copy content like music, images or software from one disc to another.

A disc publisher is a machine that acts as both a disc design printer and a CD DVD duplicator.Disc publishers can print the design and burn the content onto your blank CDs and blank DVDs. Printing and duplication speeds can vary based on disc capacity and the intricacy of your disc artwork. An advantage to purchasing a disc publisher instead of a disc printer is that publishers can be used in "print only" mode, which gives you the printing option if you do not want to duplicate music, images or files at the time the disc is printed, but at a later date.

If you have questions or need assistance selecting the right printer or publisher, call our friendly Production Services experts at 1-800-562-6006 and well be glad to make a recommendation that fits your project requirements and your budget!