Video Distribution Amplifiers

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To increase visibility, most audiences today expect professional performances to include TV screens that display the show. Whether you are broadcasting a school play or a professional music performance, a minister giving a Sunday sermon, or a sports bar owner who needs to broadcast the game to multiple TVs, it's critical to make your audience feel like every seat is the best seat. A professional HDMI Video Distribution Amplifier (VDA) allows you to do just that.

What is a Video Distribution Amplifier?

Simply put, a VDA allows a single video source to be shared with multiple TVs. Technically, a VDA takes a video signal as an input, amplifies it, and outputs the amplified video signal to two or more outputs. Additionally, your professional video distribution amplifier adjusts the amplitude of the video signal to make up for the loss of signal that occurs when the video is distributed. Extending the distance of the video signal and allowing it to function between multiple outputs is the primary purpose of a VDA.

Benefits of a Video Distribution Amplifier

Effectively using a VDA allows you to:

  • Broadcast to multiple TVs at once.
  • Always have a reliable source signal that delivers to all connected destinations. 
  • Reduce the number of cables and cords that connect multiple devices. 

Types of VDAs Offered by CCI Solutions

CCI carries the top brands to ensure the reliability of your connections. Choose from Kramer, Blackmagic and Atlona. Whatever bandwidth you need, we have the equipment to meet your budget and requirements. Get up to 510MHz with the inexpensive Kramer VM-2C or invest in Kramer VP-778, which features eight input buttons per channel and has a maximum data rate of 6.75 Gbps per graphic channel. 

How do you select the professional HDMI, audio, and video distribution amplifier that's right for you? Consider the number of output ports, return path capability and the amplifier gain needed. CCI has the best selection and expert staff to help you decide what best fits your performance requirements. Request a free consultation today and be sure to check out all of our professional video equipment!