Stage Lighting Dimmer Packs

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Effective stage lighting goes far beyond simply illuminating the stage. Focus your audience's attention. Create the perfect atmosphere. Add special effects, all through the effective use of stage lighting dimmers. Stage lighting dimmer packs are the perfect solution for all performances, from small school or church events to professional theater performances. Why use a dimmer pack? Dimmer packs allow you to centralize all your lighting power in one location. How much power? A DMX system, which is the most common digital control system, can operate up to 512 lights all at one time! Whether you need that much lighting power or not, CCI Solutions has the equipment to meet your stage lighting needs.

Types of Dimmer Control Packs

CCI Solutions has dimmer packs to meet the demands of every size performance. From the Leviton D4-DMX, which features a 4-channel DMX dimmer pack, to the ETC SmartPack SL1210-W, a 12-channel DMX dimmer pack, and everything in between, you'll find exactly what you need. Features of our top brands include:

  • Multi-channel Dimmer Packs: Get a 4, 6, or 12-channel dimmer pack.
  • Mini-panel Lighting Controller: Check out the ETC Unison Foundry 8 Zone DMX Mini Panel. This complete package features both a branch circuit sense feed input and a dry contact input to enable emergency lighting control while managing normal lighting loads at the same time.
  • Portable Dimmer Pack with Wall Mount: Perfect for small entertainment events, the ETC SmartPack SL1210-W offers 12 dimmers. It's ideal for traveling shows because it is low-maintenance, convenient and can be installed directly anywhere you have space.
  • Universal Dimmer Pack: The ADJ DP DMX20L boasts versatility. This 4-channel dimmer is usable with any universal DMX controller.

Create an award-winning production with ultimate impact through effective stage lighting dimmers. Our team is made up of industry experts that can help you identify the right dimmer pack, LED stage lights, and other production tools, to achieve your performance goals. We only sell the best lighting equipment and products from top brands. Talk to a member of our team today!