Library Media Supplies

Securely store your books, sermons, photo collection or award-winning performances. CCI Solutions offers a wide variety of library media supplies. Whether you are organizing CDs for your personal library, distributing DVDs to performers or members, or selling your valuable performances, CCI has the storage solutions to meet all budgets and types of media.

Types of Library Media Storage Supplies Offered

CDs and DVDs are susceptible to both their environment and simple human error.  Ensure your media is protected with one of our storage solutions. Here's a sampling of options of empty CD & DVD cases:

  • Audiobook cases

    MediaSAFE cases and albums live up to their name, SAFE. Each case is made of strong injection molded polypropylene to keep its contents safe. Even its most affordable option offers the security of heavy-duty vinyl. These ring binders are great for storing collections of discs, such as those for audiobooks, or providing an attractive and safe distribution vehicle. Get added marketing value by showcasing your distinctive artwork within the clear vinyl overlay that wraps around the front, spine, and rear of the case. Find the size you need. Our cases hold five to 40 discs.
  • Replacement DVD and CD cases

    These cases are ideal for single discs and up to 10 discs. CCI offers a variety of jewel cases made of lightweight, break-resistant polypropylene. We even carry a crush-proof model. These cases also feature a clear overlay, so you can add your artwork. Protect your investment, whether you simply need to replace an old CD case, or you are distributing your original music. CCI has basic replacement cases for under $1.
  • Sleeves/Pockets/Pouches

    Paper, plastic or vinyl sleeves, pouches, and pockets are perfect for lightweight protection. Show off your artwork through clear windows or protect confidentiality with a no window option. Secure flaps ensure your CD stays put. Opt for a tamper-resistant opening for enhanced security, ideal for CDs that accompany books or magazines.

Why Media Storage is Important

Our media supplies & protection options provide you with the following features:

  • Options in sleeves, pockets, and pouches.
  • Holds both DVD and CD discs.
  • Flaps and snaps ensure the case does not open and the disc remains inside.
  • Made of durable materials to prevent moisture and dust from reaching the disc.
  • Archive discs without worrying about scratching.
  • Many options, including black, clear, white, colored, as well as single quantities and bulk.

Find the best media supplies & storage options for your needs. Talk to one of our expert team today to determine which products are the best fit. Get all the blank media you need at CCI Solutions today!