Laser Video Projectors

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Laser projectors are devices that project changing laser beams on a screen for entertainment or professional use. A laser projector may provide single-color projection through a single laser light, or full-color projection through three RGB sources. Laser projectors offer superior quality of images over traditional lamp-based models, as they provide long-lasting brightness, less maintenance, and improved color contrast. They maintain their brightness and they don't overheat, which means they're ideal for heavy use and all-day applications.

How Do Laser Projectors Work

In order to project an image onto a screen, a light source is needed. The more powerful the light source, the crisper and more realistic the image will be. Lasers solve the problem of light scattering by providing a single, tight light beam. This beam of light maintains the same thickness from a distance and is only altered through the use of various filters. While older, lamp-style projectors often require time to "warm up" and "cool down," laser projectors -- like televisions -- are simply on, or they're off. When in use, the laser video projector scans an image and uses the light to display that image, which is produced by an LCD or DLP chip. The projector is able to generate any wavelength of light, which enables it to produce a broader array of colors without compromising on image quality.

How to Pick the Right Laser Video Projector for Your Needs

The brightness of your video projector depends on lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the image will be. The brightness that you need depends on three factors:

  • The content of what you're projecting
  • The image size
  • The brightness of the room

Projectors with 500 lumens or less are highly portable and work for small groups. Affordable projectors for groups of 5-10 people generally feature 700-1000 lumens. Those with 1,000-2,500 lumens are ideal for normal business, classroom, or home entertainment purposes. Projectors containing 4,000 lumens or more are needed for large conference rooms, auditoriums, or use in churches.

Types of Laser Projectors CCI Offers

CCI Solutions offers a wide array of HD laser projectors starting at 4,000 lumens and up, providing you with the brightness needed to effectively project large-sized images in any large area and for any sized group. Contact us for more information about our professional video equipment.