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DPA’s ultimate goal is to provide you – whether you’re in live sound, recording, theater or broadcast – with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for your tasks. They take no shortcuts in their design processes nor make any compromises in their manufacturing, which is all done in Denmark. As a result, DPA's products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, superb specifications, supreme reliability and, above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.

At CCI Solutions we are excited to offer a great selection of DPA microphones and accessories, from the incredible sounding, almost invisible DPA d:fine headset mic to the many versions of the innovative line of DPA 4099 d:vote Instrument Condenser Microphones. We call the 4099, "the One Mic You Need for All Your Acoustic Instruments", because it picks up the smallest sonic nuances, sounds so natural, and the discreet microphone clamps easily and gently to almost any acoustic instrument with DPA's ingeniously designed mounting systems. CCI also carries DPA adapters for every major brand, so you can be sure your new headset microphone will work with your preferred wireless system. You'll love the way your new DPA mics will sound, whether you use them in your church services, at work, or for recording purposes. Call CCI Solutions today to find out more- we're passionate about our DPA microphones!

We are very proud to offer DPA products and recommend them frequently to our customers.

Call toll free 1-800-562-6006 for DPA d:fine or d:vote Microphones and speak to our friendly team of AV equipment experts today!

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