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Audiobooks are available in a variety of formats, from digital files that you download onto your tablet to hard copies that are burned onto a CD or DVD. Audiobooks in the form of a CD are useful in your vehicle CD player as well as having as a master copy. Many authors these days opt to publish their books in audiobook format that can be rented out at your local library. Often times there will be multiple discs, depending on the length of the book. Audiobook cases allow you to safely store master copies of your book, as well as additional copies that you may rent out. Our selection of ultra-durable cases will keep your CD and DVD discs safe from scratches and protect them from damage in the event the book is dropped.

CD and DVD Cases for Your Library Audiobooks

CCI Solutions offers a number of different audiobook cases and media supplies to suit your needs. You can choose from hard media cases intended to store just one or two CD or DVD discs, as well as packaging options to safely store and organize your entire media library of books. Our library disc cases come with 5-, 6-, 10-, 14-, 20- or 26-disc options, and extra two-disc sleeves are available as well so that you can protect your entire collection all at once and in an affordable way. There are options when it comes to color, with albums, cases, and sleeves coming in black with clear, as well as white with clear sleeves. Some case options even allow for wrap-around artwork. There are also environmentally friendly storage options that provide disc cases made from recycled plastic. Additional plastic sleeves can be purchased for easy insertion of new work.

For more information about audiobook cases for your library, contact our helpful and highly trained staff or to decide which option will work best for your CD and DVD media. We are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.