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Drum Shield Panels and Sets

There's nothing quite like the explosive power of a good drum kit. However, it's important that your drums don't overpower the sounds of the other instruments and voices nearby. For a successful mix, you need the right equipment. And the right equipment, in this case, are drum shield panels and sets that allow you to separate the sound of your drums with acoustic panels and provide a higher quality listening experience. CCI Solutions offers numerous drum shield panels and sets to provide professional and high-performing solutions for any drum set size or style.

Among our extensive collection of acrylic drum shields are:

  • Acrylic, accordion-style panels for easy storage, featuring full-length hinges for increased stability and durability
  • Shields that provide reduced drum bleed
  • Shields that offer cable cutouts and lowered stage volume
  • Shields that come with fold away components for compact storage
  • Portable shields that provide isolation and absorption and are easy to get out of
  • Shields that feature no gaps for sound to escape from
  • Tall drum shield sets that offer 50-60 percent perceived sound reduction, or even more for maximum sound isolation
  • Drum shield height extenders
  • Sound panels made of fiberglass and encased in cloth, used as part of a large format lid system
  • Lid section panels that reduce reflections and extend the width of your lid system
  • Baffles that reduce reflected sound and are easy to attach
  • Drum cages
  • Center lid section panels
  • Fire-rated acoustic absorption panels
  • Tri-fold designed acoustic panels designed to use with guitar amplifier combos and cabinets
  • An assortment of drum shield cases, cleaners, and other accessories.

Check out all of the great audio and sound equipment we have available. Let our knowledgeable staff help you select the drum shield panels and set that will meet your needs perfectly. Contact us for a free, expert consultation, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.