LED Par Can Lights

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LED par can light fixtures are used by professionals in concerts, schools, churches, and theatres. Specializing in providing a bright, moderately controlled beam of light, LED par fixtures are generally the most cost-effective option for lighting up your stage.

At CCI Solutions we offer a wide range of professional LED par can lights that will make your stage and performance look it’s best. With various sizes, shapes, brightness, and color options available, you are sure to find the right LED stage light for your needs.

What Are LED Par Lights Used For?

LED Par style lights are used when a large amount of relatively even lighting is needed for a scene. Similar to an automotive headlight, par can lights are used in many presentations and performances to provide visibility of the stage for the audience. LED par lighting fixtures provide the same great cost-effective output as the traditionally lamped par can fixtures, but with better efficiency and the ability to change colors via programming from a lighting console.

Why Do You Need LED Par Lights?

LED par lighting fixtures are far superior to their older lamped par can counterparts, providing similar high output levels, but with a significantly more efficient LED engine providing the light.  Not only are they more efficient in creating light, but their versatility in producing color and white from the same fixture allows you to use the same light to create white light for one scene while using the same fixture to produce color for another. LED Par lighting fixtures provide outstanding performance for their price, making them a staple for every stage.

What to Consider When Choosing a LED Par Light

The three most important considerations when choosing a LED Par light are the fixture’s output, the color it produces, and the beam spread. 


The more light you have in your room, the more output you’ll need from your lighting fixtures to achieve even lighting coverage on stage. If you have a lot of natural light, have bright house lights, or use a lot of stage lighting to enhance video recording, using fixtures with stronger LEDs is critical to competing with and producing an even field of light with the competing light in the room.


LED Par fixtures come with various colors of output, so knowing what you want your light to achieve is critical. The most budget-conscious lights are usually made up of warm white (usually noted by WW), fixed cool white (noted by CW), and Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) LEDs. Higher quality lighting fixtures will often include variable white LEDs (both warm and cool white), or for color options will include red, green, and blue LEDs while possibly adding amber, lime, white, ultra-violet, and other colors. These additional colors within one LED par fixture allow for much more depth in the color produced by the fixture.

Beam Spread

The distance from your lighting fixture to your lighting subjects should determine the beam size you need from your LED Par light. If your fixture is more than 25-30’ away, a narrow beam, 10-15 degrees, is preferable to keep your beam tight enough to maintain adequate brightness. For a short throw of 12-16’, you want a very wide beam angle, preferably 40-60 degrees, so your light spreads quickly on the stage. Using a wide beam at a longer distance will over-diffuse your light, making it ineffective.  A narrow beam at a short distance with be bright, but maybe only cover a few feet wide, which is also ineffective.

Need Help Choosing The Right Lights?

If you want to find the right LED par can light for your school hall, church, theatre or performing arts center, contact us today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members can help you out. We will help you find the right professional lighting equipment to meet your output needs.