LED Moving Head Lights

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LED moving head lighting fixtures have all of the benefits of your typical PAR, Ellipsoidal, Fresnel, or pin spot lighting fixtures, but add the flexibility of being able to aim them differently on command. In addition to being able to pan and tilt these fixtures remotely, they generally include other key features like zoom, shutters, prisms, and gobo projection. Browse our spider and spot moving head lights collection today and talk to one of our knowledgeable and experienced team members so that we can help you find the right LED moving headlight for you.

LED Moving Head Light Uses

Theatre Production

LED Moving Head Lighting Fixtures are fantastic for theatrical productions and are being found in more and more theaters across the world. Use color changing light fixtures to quickly and seamlessly create unique and dynamic looks on stage from scene to scene. Use the same fixtures to light up actors one scene, and to provide scenic lighting in the next. The flexibility offered by LED moving head lights brings versatility to any theatrical performance, whether it is a play, musical, comedy show, or any other theatre performance.

Live Music Productions

LED moving lights have become a key piece of creating the visual performance for most live concerts.  The flexibility they bring to your lighting rig means fewer fixtures are needed, giving you more bang for the buck.  Most moving light fixtures can be used to illuminate the artists on stage, light up the backdrop, or shoot through haze in the air to create virtual scenery in the air. If you’re going to put on a great show musically, moving light fixtures can make your show look as good as it sounds.


Many churches are realizing the benefits of LED moving head lighting fixtures these days, using them for both lighting the people on stage, and to create an engaging environment.  Since moving lights are so flexible and versatile, adding moving light fixtures to your system gives you the ability to create many looks with fewer lights. Often one LED moving headlight can do the job of 3 or 4 static LED stage lighting fixtures, meaning you gain efficiency and save money.

Add an Element of Drama to Your Stage

If you’re passionate about creating an engaging environment for your church or performance, our LED moving-head lights are the perfect solution to help you create that amazing environment.

Raise the game of your environment and browse our collection of LED moving head lighting fixtures today. Not sure what light you need to make your stage look great?  Our team of experts would love the opportunity to talk with you about the environment you’re trying to create, and help you choose the best lighting equipment and fixtures to meet your needs.