LED Bar and Batten Light Fixtures

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Lighting designers, stage managers, and event planners choose LED lighting for their venues over conventional stage lighting because of various reasons. The main reason is that the former lasts longer than the latter; add that to the fact that LED lights produce less heat than the conventional lights and this contributes to a cooler performance environment.

What is LED Stage Lighting?

LED stage lighting is the illumination of a performance stage with stage light bars, LED batten lights or batten light fixtures rather than halogen lighting and other forms of lighting. With one or more light emitting diodes (the long form for LED), light is produced from bulbs and lighting fixtures focused on specific areas. Bars and battens are just one types of LED stage lights.

Uses of LED Stage Light Bars

LED stage light bars and battens are used in different ways:

As fixtures, these LED stage lights can be used in different areas as back lighting, side lighting, or down lighting, but primarily as accent lighting on walls or set pieces.

Types of LED Stage Lighting Bars and Battens

  • LED Batten Fixtures which are the modern versions of traditional fluorescent tube lights; are commonly mounted in ceilings and come in a variety of white colors temperatures.
  • Color Mixing Lighting Bars which as the name implies, mix different color hues and deliver emotions and expressions. This fixture also illuminates the stage as needed without having to rely on a single color associated with traditional stage light fixtures.
  • Bar Lights which ensure that the exact lighting position is focused on and covered in an even visibility spectrum. This light fixture comes in the shapes and sizes of rectangles and squares.

Why Choose LED Light Fixtures

There are many reasons why musicians, producers, event planners and stage managers choose LED lighting over regular methods of stage lighting. 

  • LED lighting is durable and lasts for a longer period of time thereby saving costs in the long term.
  • They have superior color brightness and a wide range of colors to select from. Unlike more traditional means of stage lighting, LED light fixtures are used to set and control the mood of each event.
  • They consume less power and the advantage is that stage managers get to save on energy costs when they organize events in their pre-planned venues. This leads to reduction in billing costs from commercial real estate managers in charge of renting/leasing the event venues.
  • They produce less heat by channeling most of the heat they generate into light production; the heat not converted into light is mostly so minute that it goes unnoticed. This makes it safer and less likely to go up in flames when they come in contact with an inflammable object.

LED Bar and Batten Stage Lighting Systems at CCI Solutions

CCI Systems is versed in the provision of batten light fixtures, color mixing lighting bars, bar lights and LED batten lights to manage your events and showcase them in the right colors you prefer. There are reasons to choose us for your light bars and battens: our LED stage lights are reasonably priced to match the benefits they deliver; we offer a wide selection of LED bar and batten stage lights in different shapes and sizes; our customer service quality is impeccable, and you can absolutely depend on us to deliver quality LED light fixtures that last for a very long time. Contact us today to get started!