Yamaha Rivage PM 10 Large Format Digital Mixing System

Hybrid Microphone Preamplifiers - VCM Technology Models SILK Processing - Channel EQ and Compression Refined to Unprecedented Levels

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What's in the box:

  • Yamaha's Rivage PM 10 (YAM-PM10)
  • Control Surfaces (CS-R10, CS-R10-S)
  • DSP Engine (DSP-R10)
  • I/O Racks (RPio622, RPio222)
  • RY Cards (RY16-ML-SILK, RY16-DA, RY16-AE)
  • HY Cards (HY256-TL, HY256-TL-SMF, HY144-D)
  • (2) Power Cords
  • Dust Cover
  • (7) Gooseneck Lamps LA1L
  • 1-year Limited Warranty


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Perfecting the Art of Live Sound

Yamaha's Rivage PM10 (YAM-PM10) is a Large Format Digital Mixing System that has become the standard in large-scale live sound applications because of its unequalled sound, operation, functionality, reliability, expandability, and more. The Yamaha "PM brand" continues to bring true innovation to the developing live sound scene. A basic RIVAGE PM10 system consists of the DSP-R10 DSP engine where all the signal processing magic actually happens, the CS-R10/CS-R10-S control surface for intuitive hands-on operation, one or more I/O Rack units for input and output connections, and one or more network cards for network connectivity. The flagship RIVAGE PM10 system also allows DSP mirroring for maximum dependability in mission critical applications while providing the capacity needed for large-scale setups. Preamplifiers with analog input stages that take the Yamaha "natural sound" concept to new heights, as well as digital sections with immaculate VCM-technology models of Rupert Neve Designs transformer and SILK processing circuitry that offer outstanding musicality and atmosphere. Then there's the Dante audio network from Audinate, already standard in CL and QL series digital consoles as well as a range of other Yamaha pro audio products. Dante-equipped Rio3224-D2 and Rio1608-D2 I/O Racks and the HY144-D audio interface card can be combined to provide natural sound input at full RIVAGE PM series quality.


  • Hybrid Microphone Preamplifiers: A Solid Foundation for Superior Sound
  • VCM Technology Models SILK Processing by Rupert Neve Designs
  • Channel EQ and Compression Refined to Unprecedented Levels
  • Plug-in Effects Include Rupert EQ/Comp, TC Electronic Reverb, and More
  • Touch Screen and Fader Strip Merge for Intuitive Control
  • A Monitor Section to Match Any Job
  • Overlay Filter for Rapid Response to Sudden Changes
  • Two Convenient Approaches to Live Recording: 2-track on USB Flash Drive and Multitrack via Dante

Yamaha's Pro Audio Division is part of the Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, Japan, and is one of the largest global subsidiary companies. Yamaha has endeavored to produce products and services that satisfy the diverse needs and desires of people worldwide. Its products and services are recognized the world over for superior quality in acoustics, design, technology, craftsmanship, and customer oriented services. These products and services under the brand name of Yamaha are highly regarded by a large number of professionals, institutions, business people within the related industries, and consumers.

Specifications for the Yamaha Rivage PM 10

{ "Mixing Capacity " : [ "44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz", "144 input channels", "72 Mix buses, 36 Matrix buses", "Stereo buses A and B (or Mono bus)", "Cue A/B, Monitor A/B" ], "Control Surface (CS-R10) " : { "Display" : "15” touch panel x 2", "Faders" : "38 (12+12+12+2)", "Selected Channel section" : "comprehensive channel parameters", "Custom Fader banks" : "6 x 2 on each bay", "User Defined keys" : "12 x 4 banks", "User Defined knobs" : "4 x 4 banks", "Touch and Turn knobs" : "2", "Analog I/O" : "8 in / 8 out", "Slot" : "2 MY slots", "AES/EBU" : "4 in / 4 out (with SRC)", "Ports" : "GPI (8 in / 8 out), Word Clock Out, MIDI In/Out, 5 USB (1 for 2-track recording), Video Out (DVI-D)", "Power supply" : "dual redundant power supply built-in", "Dimensions (WxHxD)" : "1,549 x 417 x 848mm", "Net Weight" : "85 kg (187 lbs)" }, "DSP Engine (DSP-R10) " : { "Slot" : "2 MY slots, 4 HY slots (TWINLANe, Dante)", "Ports" : "GPI (8 in / 8 out), Word Clock In/Out, MIDI In/Out, Remote, TC IN, Fault Output", "Power supply" : "dual redundant power supply built-in", "Dimensions (WxHxD)" : "480 x 232 x 490.8mm (5U rack size)", "Net Weight" : "20 kg (44 lbs)" }, "I/O Rac k (RPio622) " : { "Slot" : "6 RY slots, 2 MY slots, 2 HY slots (TWINLANe, Dante)", "Ports" : "Word Clock In/Out, Fault Output", "Power supply" : "dual redundant power supply built-in", "Dimensions (WxHxD)" : "480 x 455 x 489.7mm (10U rack size)", "Net Weight" : "30 kg (66 lbs)" }, "Input Channel " : "A/B, Gain Compensation, Digital Gain, HPF, LPF, 4-band PEQ, 2 Dynamics, Delay, 2 insert points (x4 daisy-chain), Direct Out", "Output Channel " : "HPF, LPF, 8-band PEQ, Dynamics, Delay (on channel and port), 2 insert points (x4 daisy-chain)", "Scene Memory " : { "Number of scenes" : "1000", "Functions" : "Recall Safe, Focus Recall, Fade Time, Preview, Overlay Filter, Isolate" }, "DCA/Mute Group " : "24 DCAs, 12 Mute Groups", "Plug-ins " : [ "384 plug-in slots (The maximum number of plug-ins used at a time varies depending on the plug-in types)", "45 types of plug-ins" ], "GEQ/PEQ " : [ "48 racks (96 for Flex15GEQ and 8-band PEQ)", "31-band GEQ, Flex15GEQ, 8-band PEQ" ], "Recording " : [ "2-track USB recording (MP3 and WAV)", "Multitrack recording and Virtual Soundcheck via Dante (option)" ], "I/O Network (TWINLANe)" : { "400 channels @ 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz, 32-bit" : "", "Network latency" : "11 samples at 44.1/48 kHz, 12 samples at 88.2/96 kHz", "Topology" : "ring for network redundancy", "Recommended cable" : "Neutrik opticalCON DUO multimode fiber" }, "Console Network " : { "Topology" : "ring for network redundancy", "Cable" : "CAT5e or better (etherCON)" }, "Dante (HY144-D) " : { "144 in / 144 out @ 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz, 32-bit" : "", "Cable" : "CAT5e or better (etherCON)" }, "Application Software " : "RIVAGE PM10 Editor (Windows)", "Planned Functions in Future Update " : "Engine Mirroring / Engine Cascade / Dual Console / Event List (Timecode chase) / Nuendo Live Remote / RIVAGE PM10 StageMix /" }

Research Materials for Yamaha's (YAM-PM10)

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(YAM-PM10) Specifications

(YAM-PM10) Brochure

(YAM-PM10) Data List

(YAM-PM10) System Setup Guide

(YAM-PM10) Block Diagram

(YAM-PM10) Operation Manual

(YAM-PM10) Supplemental Manual

User Guides:

Rivage - Console File Converter User Guide

Rivage - Dante Controller User Guide

Rivage - PM Editor Installation Guide

Rivage - PV Touch Setup Guide

Rivage - R-Remote Users Guide

Rivage - Dante Controller Guide

Rivage - HYcards Instruction Leaflet

Owners' Manuals:

Rivage - DSP-R10 Owner's Manual

Rivage - HY128-MD Owner's Manual

Rivage - HY144-D Owner's Manual

Rivage - HY144-D-SRC Owner's Manual

Rivage - HY256-TL Owner's Manual

Rivage - HY256-TL-SMF Owner's Manual

Rivage - RY16-ML, RY16-DA, RY16-AE Owner's Manual

Rivage - RIO-3224-D2 Owner's Manual

Rivage - RPIO-222 Owner's Manual

Rivage - RPIO-622 Owner's Manual

Firmware Update Guides:

Rivage - TIO1608-D Firmware Update Guide

Rivage PM - Firmware Update Guide

Rivage - HY144-D-SRC Firmware Update Guide

Rivage - HY144-D Firmware Update Guide


Rivage - CSD-R7 Drawing

Rivage - CS-R10 Drawing

Rivage - CS-R10-S Drawing

Rivage - DSP-R10 Drawing

Rivage - HY144-D Drawing

Rivage - HY256-TL Drawing

Rivage - HY256-TL-SMF Drawing

Rivage - RPio222 Drawing

Rivage - RPio622 Drawing

Rivage - RY16-AE Drawing

Rivage - RY16-DA Drawing

Rivage - RY16-ML-SILK Drawing

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