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Digital audio mixers have changed the world of mixing, bringing racks of outboard processing equipment inside of the console, and simplifying audio transport. They've also managed to bring all of this control into smaller, compact and more cost-effective footprints, making them a great choice for all of your mixing needs.

Key Benefits of Using Digital Mixers

Digital audio mixers have a lot of benefits over older analog consoles including:


Size is a huge benefit of digital mixers, as bulky and spacious circuiting is replaced with software.  32, 48, and even 96 channel sound mixers used to take up 1-2’ per 8 channel bank of faders, with dozens of knobs for every channel to adjust equalization, monitor sends, and more. Digital audio consoles generally eliminate all of those encoders down to one set, saving a tremendous amount of space.  For portable needs, what use to require a truck to transport can now fit in the trunk of your car.  And for installed solutions, what might have taken 5-10 feet of counter space now only needs 3’.

Onboard Processing

Onboard Processing is both a big space saver, but also a cost saver.  With a 32-channel analog console, you’d have to have 16 stereo compressor units in an external rack in order to compress every channel.  Add a few effects units and other outboard processing, and you could have 2-3 racks full of sound equipment to process your inputs.  Most digital audio mixing consoles have a full set of parametric EQ, compression, noise gates, and more on every channel, all built-in. These consoles also include advanced processing options, often referred to as plugins, to go beyond any limitations the console may have.

Audio Transport

Audio Transport, often referred to as I/O boxes, is made easy with digital audio consoles.  Complex stage wiring can be simplified to a stage box or two, networked to the audio console via a Cat5/6 cable. In addition to making input and outputs easier to connect to your professional mixer, digital audio protocols like Dante and AVB allow you to route inputs and outputs from multiple audio consoles on one system, giving you more flexibility and making running separate FOH, monitor, and broadcast mixes a breeze.


Flexibility is another key benefit of digital audio consoles.  Most digital audio mixing consoles allow you to internally reroute inputs and outputs with a click of a button as opposed to having to physically re-patch connectors.  They also allow you to create custom fader layouts with scribble strips, meaning that as your events or shows change, so can your console, without having to re-tape and label your console.  On larger consoles, flexible input and output routing can also offer ultimate flexibility as last-minute needs come up, allowing you to route any audio and sound needs quickly.

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If you’re ready to take your sound to the next level, digital mixers will help you get there. The versatility they offer, and the processing included give you all the tools you need to create great mixes. Browse our wide range of professional audio mixers and electronic devices at your own leisure, we have something for everyone. We also offer free expert consultation, so that you are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to utilize the maximum potential of our products so that you can reach the sound that you desire to attain. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and talk to one of our team members so that we can help find you the right large, mid-format, small or compact digital mixer.