Professional Loudspeaker Systems

Professional Loudspeakers are used in many sound applications. You'll find professional loudspeakers in outdoor sports arenas, gymnasiums, church sanctuaries, corporate facilities and public places designed for meetings, theatre and live sound performances. Professional Loudspeakers are the choice for permanent installations because they offer safe mounting attachments, flexible in the high frequency pattern selections and their robust build quality.

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Professional loudspeakers, also known as PA speakers, are an audio system that are popular for outdoor and live events as well as concert halls, theaters, churches, sports arenas, and the like.

Loudspeaker systems are just one part of a sound system. This speaker can be self-powered, needing a power source or non-powered, needing to be connected to an amplifier.

Uses of Professional Loudspeaker Systems

A loudspeaker system is used in various ways and places.

  • Churches and Houses of Worship use PA speakers to spread the word of God. When properly placed this speaker system will enhance audio communication between those on the pulpit and the attendees in the congregation.
  • In sports arenas, like football stadiums, these professional loudspeaker sound systems come in handy for announcements for the play-by-play, referee decision(s) after a VAR check, and urgent information.
  • PA speakers are also used in gymnasiums for activities like instructor-led training or for dance or cheerleading as well as sports such as Basketball or Volleyball.
  • Theaters can also utilize a loudspeaker sound system as well, for delivering audio for a play, a speech, a concert, or movie.

Professional Loudspeakers at CCI Solutions

CCI Solutions has a wide selection of professional loudspeaker systems available. Whatever your needs, call us today to get the audio and sound system best suited to your upcoming event. Our team of professionals help guide you and get you the pricing and audio product you need for your live event.