Ceiling Speakers

How Many Ceiling Mount Speakers Do I Need?

man installing ceiling speakerWhile applications vary, the general rule for mounting placement of in-wall or ceiling mounted distributed speakers is to place them the same distance apart from each other as what the floor-to-ceiling height is. If your application calls for background music or paging only, you may decide to lengthen the distance a bit between speakers. By contrast, if your needs are for teaching as in a classroom or fellowship hall application, you'll probably want to shorten the distance between speakers.

Rule of Thumb:
Ceiling Height =
Distance Between Speakers

For example, with a speaker featuring a 90-degree dispersion pattern at a ceiling height of 10 feet, you'll want to place speakers dedicated for background music about 10 feet apart from each other. If the speakers are used for teaching purposes place them about 9 feet from each other.

CCI Solutions offers a wide variety of speakers and accessories for distributed sound applications, many of which are not shown on this site. Please call to discuss your specific application with one of our sales consultants.

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