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Optimized sound comes from optimized speakers, and today’s powered, active loudspeakers are optimized with high-quality amplifiers and digital signal processing.  Check out our extensive range of loudspeakers today or give us a call for assistance in finding the perfect speaker for your needs.

Powered vs. Unpowered Loudspeakers

While powered and unpowered loudspeakers both produce audio, the main difference between the two is the amplifier. Powered, active speakers have amplifiers built into the cabinet, while unpowered varieties must have an external amplifier connected. Depending on your needs, we have a large selection of different professional sound systems  and we are confident that we can find the solution for you.

Why Use a Powered Loudspeaker?

Powered speakers have two big advantages over unpowered speakers.  First, a powered loudspeaker provides a plug and play, easy to use solution that is often more friendly for portable use. For maximum portability, fast setup, and ultimate convenience in audio, the right powered, active speaker, will make your performance easier.

The other key advantage to powered, active speakers is the optimization of the built-in processing.  Often external amplifiers don’t match up perfectly with the passive speakers they power, which results in under or overpowering the speaker.  Also, many powered speakers have built-in digital signal processing, which means system tuning can be handled within the loudspeaker instead of with external equipment.

If you’re ready to purchase powered loudspeakers view our wide range of active, powered PA speakers. Need help choosing the right audio and sound equipment? Give us a call and one of our friendly and experienced team members will help you find the perfect loudspeaker so you can enjoy high-quality sound for your performance.