ClearSonic CLE-IPB IsoPac B Drum Shield Dark Gray

ClearSonicDrum Shield Portable, easy set-up / dismantle, no gaps for sound leakage

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What's in the box:

  • ClearSonic IsoPac B Isolation Package with Dark Gray Sorbers, Lid System
  • All Parts Listed in Description
  • Limited One-Year Warranty Against Material Defects Including Hinge Components


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controls acoustic drum sound giving other performers and the audience less direct sound from the drums

    ClearSonic's IsoPac B Drum Shield (Dark Gray) is similar to IsoPac A in sound reduction, but is slightly smaller, and allows for more of the drum kit to be seen. There is an A2466x6 CSP with AX2402412x6 Height Extenders in the front, and (3) S2466x2 SORBER baffles in the rear. The booth measures 6' wide x 7' deep x 6.5' tall for 50-60% perceived volume reduction and a foot of open foot space. There is a 6-inch clip-on FAN to help with air exchange. The IsoPac B is best suited for the studio environment, but can be used in certain live situations as well. All Sorber products have a Class-A fire rating.

Specifications for the ClearSonic CLE-IPB

{ "Size" : " 6′ wide x 7′ deep x 6.5' high", "Sound Reduction" : " 50-60%", "ClearSonic Part Number" : " IPB", "Included Parts" : [ "(1) A2466x6 – 6-section clear shield (front)", "(1) AX2412x6- 6-section 12″ clear height extenders", "(3) S2466x2 – 4′W x 5.5′H SORBER rear baffle (Dark Gray)", "(1) S2466 – 2′W x 5.5′D center lid section (Dark Gray)", "(2) ST2466 – 2′W x 5.5′D side lid section (Dark Gray)", "(1) BAR – standard support BAR", "(4) S2224 – 22″W x 2′H SORBER baffle (Dark Gray)", "(1) FAN – 6″, 2-speed, low noise FAN" ] }

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