ClearSonic MMP - MiniMegaPac Drum Shield Package

Dark Grey - 7' Wide x 6.5' Deep x 6.5' Tall - 60-70% Perceived Volume Reduction

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What's in the box:

  • ClearSonic MegaPac DK Grey Drum Shield Package
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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ideal for Maximum Sound Isolation applications

    The ClearSonic MiniMega Drum Shield Package (Dark Gray) is a slightly smaller version of the MegaPac isolation booth. Featured is 360° of ClearSonic Panels for maximum sound isolation. ClearSonic shields in the back means less opening for sound to escape. There is an A2466x6 in front, and an A2466x5 in the rear. The two panel systems do not actually connect to each other, so the end panel of the A2466x5 can be moved and used as a door.

    By adding the S246612 12' wide Sorber Lid baffle to the standard 3-section lid, total lid coverage is 7'W x 5.5'D. The ClearSonic MiniMega includes two lid support BARs for utmost stability.

    Parts Included:

  • (1) A2466x6 - 6-section CSP
  • (1) A2466x5 - 5-section CSP
  • (1) AX2412x6 - 6-section 12" height extenders
  • (1) AX2412x5 - 5-section 12" height extenders
  • (1) S2466L - 2'W x 5.5'D center lid section
  • (1) S246612L - 12"W x 5.5'D center lid section
  • (2) ST2466L - 2'W x 5.5'D side lid section
  • (2) BAR - standard support BAR
  • (25) S2L - 22"W x 2'H SORBER baffle (provides maximum acoustic performance inside and out)
  • (1) FAN - 6", 2-speed, low noise FAN

Specifications for the ClearSonic MMP - MiniMegaPac

{ "Amount of Sound Reduction" : "0.7", "Dimensions" : { "Overall (W x D x H)" : " 7 x 6 x 6.5' / 2.13 x 1.83 x 1.98m", "S2466 center lid section (W x D)" : " 2 x 5.5' / 0.61 x 1.68m", "S246612 center lid section (W xD)" : " 12" x 5.5' / 30.48cm x 1.68m", "ST2466 Side Lid Section (W x D)" : " 2 x 5.5' / 0.61 x 1.68m", "S2 SORBER baffle (W x D)" : " 22" x 2' / 55.88cm x 0.61m", "FAN" : " 6" / 15.24cm" } }

Research Materials for ClearSonic's MMP - MiniMegaPac (CLE-MMP)

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ClearSonic AX2402412 & AX2402418 Installation Instructions

Sorber Acoustic Absorption Panels Fire Rating

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MP & MMP - How to Use the Door

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How to Attach Old Style Hinge/Add a Panel

Height Extender Install Video

ClearSonic MiniMega Isolation Booth

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