Waves SuperRack Plugin Processing Software

Ultra-low latency - Quick and simple setup - Customizable key mapping

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What's in the box:

  • Waves SuperRack license (includes both SoundGrid and Native versions)


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Flexible workspace optimized for touchscreens

Waves SuperRack (WAV-SPRK) plugin processing software for live sound engineers is next generation. Users customize their workspace with floating windows, snapshots, key mappings and much more to run live shows with confidence and speed. SuperRack will automatically route up to 64 I/O channels over a Soundgrid network and the flexible workspace is optimized for touchscreens. SuperRack is a natural extension of your mixing console with quick and simple setup.


  • Ultra-low latency
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Customizable key mapping
  • Detachable and floated panels
  • Supports server redundancy

Specifications for the Waves SuperRack

{ "System Requirements" : { "Mac" : { "Model/CPU" : [ "MacBook Pro / Mac Pro / iMac / Mac Mini with Intel i5 CPU or higher", "MacBook Air laptops are not supported" ], "Memory" : "8 GB RAM", "Operating System" : "10.13.x and higher", "Screen Resolution" : "1920x1080" }, "Windows" : { "Model/CPU" : "Intel i5 or higher", "Memory" : "8 GB RAM", "Operating System" : "Windows 10 64-bit", "Screen Resolution" : "1920x1080", "Tablets" : "Windows 10 64-bit with Intel i5 and up CPU" }, "Important Notes" : [ "View all SuperRack support articles (https://www.waves.com/support/tag/superrack)", "SoundGrid is a 'private' network: in order to have a clean network stream, the SoundGrid network should not be used to run any non-SoundGrid applications. Using non-SoundGrid protocols on the same network that carries SoundGrid audio might result in audio drops, application freezes, and other unexpected results.", "Installing SuperRack v11 will update all SoundGrid firmware (interfaces and servers) and drivers to v11, which is not compatible with SoundGrid v9 software. To also use MultiRack SoundGrid or SoundGrid Studio, you will need to switch between v11 and v9 SoundGrid firmware and drivers.", { "OS X users" : { "When launching SuperRack, you might experience a brief flicker. This occurs when SuperRack adjusts the computer s screen resolution and color scheme to its requirements. Upon quitting SuperRack, the screen will revert to the previous resolution and color scheme. For best performance of audio transport from the SoundGrid Core Audio Driver to the SoundGrid network, new Apple computers featuring Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C connectivity should use one of the following adapters:" : [ "Sonnet Solo 10G Thunderbolt 3-to-Ethernet Adapter", "OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter" ] } }, { "Windows Users" : { "For best performance of audio transport from the SoundGrid Core Audio Driver to the SoundGrid network, Windows computers featuring USB-C connectivity should use one of the following qualified adapters:" : [ "Plugable USB Type-C Gigabit Ethernet Adapter USBC-E100", "GLAABIT USB-C Type-C Male to 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Network LAN Adapter" ] } }, { "DiGiCo Users" : "DiGiCo V1143 software is required to establish SuperRack remote control." }, "VPN software can alter network settings to meet its requirements. These changes can affect the network ports used for SoundGrid and may compromise performance of the SoundGrid network. We strongly advise that you remove, disable, or turn off all VPN software while working with SoundGrid.", "MIDI feedback is not available in SuperRack." ] } }

Research Materials for Waves SuperRack (WAV-SPRK)

We've added technical materials to help with your buying decision. Even if you're technically inclined, you may want to consider talking to our sales techs to make sure this item is the right fit for your particular use. 800.562.6006

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