Elite Core (ATA-FOH-2SL) Case System - Front-of-House

Deluxe System with (2) 12RU Racks, (2) Standing Lid Tables, and Large Central Mixer Compartment

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An ideal choice for portable churches and traveling productions, Elite Core's OSP ATA-FOH-2SL is a custom-designed front-of-house ATA case system that includes two 12-space racks, two free-standing lid tables, and a large central mixer compartment that will accommodate a wide variety of mixing consoles. This case system features rugged 3/8" plywood construction with black laminate, tongue and groove metal railing with high-impact ball corners, heavy-duty casters, and industrial-grade rivets, latches, and spring-loaded handles, meaning that your gear will be safe and sound when housed in the OSP ATA-FOH-2SL.


  • Rugged 3/8" plywood with black laminate
  • Tongue and groove metal railing with high-impact ball corners
  • Industrial-grade rivets, latches, and spring-loaded handles
  • Dual 19" amp-effects rack compartments with 21" rails
  • Large mixer compartment with 47" W x 24-1/2" D x 8-1/2" clearance

Specifications for the Elite Core (ATA-FOH-2SL) Case System

{ "Features and Specifications" : [ "Rugged 3/8" Plywood with Black Laminate", "Tongue and Groove Metal Railing with High-Impact Ball Corners", "Industrial-Grade Rivets, Latches & Spring-Loaded Handles", "Dual 19" Amp-Effects Rack Compartments with 21" Rails", "Large Mixer Compartment - 47"(W) x 24-1/2"(D) x 8-1/2" clearance" ], "Product Dimensions and Weight" : { "Full Outside Dimensions (includes allowances for casters, ball corners & feet as applicable)" : [ "49"(W)  x 33.25"(D) x 43.25"(H)" ], "Product Weight" : [ "235 lbs" ], "Inside Dimensions" : [ "Mixer Space: 47"(W) x 24.5"(D) x 11.25"(H)", "Rail Height: 21", 23.5" Rail Clearance (front-to-back)" ], "Shipping Dimensions" : [ "51.75"(W) x 40.75"(H) x 36"(D)", "248 lbs" ] }, "Here are just a few of the more popular consoles that fit the ATA-FOH-2SL mixer compartment" : [ "Midas M32", "Midas VeniceF32", "Midas VeniceF24", "Midas M32R", "Yamaha QL5", "Yamaha QL1", "Yamaha TF5", "Yamaha TF3", "Yamaha TF1", "Yamaha LS9-16", "Yamaha LS9-32", "Yamaha MGP12X", "Yamaha MGP16X", "Soundcraft Si Impact", "Soundcraft Si Expression 3", "Soundcraft Si Performer 2", "Soundcraft Si Performer 3", "Soundcraft Si Performer 1", "Soundcraft GB2-24", "Soundcraft GB2-16", "Soundcraft GB4-24", "PreSonusLive 32.4.2", "Allen & Heath GLD80", "Allen & Heath GS-R24", "Allen & Heath iLIVE-T112", "Allen & Heath iLIVE-T80", "Allen & Heath GLD-112", "Behringer X32", "Mackie DC16", "Mackie VLZ4-32", "Mackie VLZ4-24" ] }

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