Wireless Lapel Microphone Systems

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A wireless lavalier microphone system is a commonly used microphone in theater and by speakers/presenters. Also known as a lapel mic, these are small diaphragm, low-profile microphones that can be positioned in the hair or with a clip that normally attaches to ties, lapels or similar parts of clothing around the chest to allow hands-free pick up of the person speaking. A cable runs from the microphone to a wireless transmitter, often known as a bodypack, which transmits the microphone signal to a wireless receiver.

Uses of a Wireless Lavalier Microphone Systems

  • A wireless lavalier mic is great for use with presenters as it wirelessly transmits their voice to the audio system without requiring them to hold a mic in their hands, and without tying them to a small footprint of space.
  • Lavalier microphones are a favorite of theater actors, generally placed into the hair of those using the mic.  Lavalier microphones are also a favorite of on-camera talent, as their small size allows them to blend into clothing and be unnoticed by those watching the video.

Benefits of a Lapel Mic System

  • Presenters like wireless lavalier microphones because it gives them the flexibility to move around, and their voice is still reproduced clearly with hands-free operation.
  • Stage actors prefer lavalier microphones as they allow for ideal proximity of the microphone while still allowing for action and costume changes without having to adjust their microphone. 
  • Since lapel microphones are small and lightweight, they can be placed on the clothes or in the hair in close proximity to the mouth, producing clear audio reproduction.
  • Lavalier microphones are an ideal mic choice for those who will be on camera and want a low-profile microphone not noticeable to the audience. 

Wireless Microphone Systems at CCI Systems

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