Wireless Bodypack Systems (No Mic)

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Are you looking for a wireless bodypack microphone system to present a speech, enhance a performance or to hold an important meeting? At CCI Solutions, we have an extensive and varied range of premium quality ear worn and head worn microphones. Our range varies and caters to different functions, so there is a microphone for everyone. Browse our collection to find the right wireless bodypack microphone system for you.

Wireless Bodypack Mic Uses

We offer wireless bodypacks, with convenient and intuitive setup. The bodypack is usually a small box that houses the transmitter and battery pack. It is easy to attach or clip onto your body or clothing and has a wire going into a headset or a lavalier microphone. Our mic systems are designed to hold up to the most adverse conditions.

Professions that Use Wireless Bodypack Mics

Lead Vocalists/Worship Leaders

The wireless bodypack mic is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of positions or roles. For example, if you are a lead vocalist in a band, having a wireless headset mic is very beneficial so that you are not limited to one spot on the stage, or the place where you are performing. Using a professional vocal microphone with a wireless bodypack microphone system gives you all the flexibility of a wireless microphone system while allowing you to keep your hands free.


If you are presenting at a church, conference, meeting, or class, a wireless bodypack is a great option. You can again, make your presentation more meaningful, as you are able to move around and use your body language, rather than just sticking to the mic stand or platform.

Stage Actors

If you are into theatre or acting, the wireless bodypack mic system is an essential device. It will allow you to speak and move freely across the stage so that your performance is not altered in a negative way but rather is elevated to a higher level.


Many guitarists appreciate the ability to move around the stage during their performance, which can be complicated to do with a wired connection. Wireless bodypacks can be used with acoustic, electric, and bass guitars to give added mobility while still providing great sound.

Mic Bodypack Transmitter Features

Wireless bodypack transmitters have many features, the most important of course being the convenience and mobility they offer its user.  Beyond that, most wireless bodypacks can be used with a headset microphone, lavalier microphone, or with an instrument cable.  These mic systems can also be used with rechargeable batteries, and some even have dock systems to charge the device.  With wireless bodypack systems starting from a few hundred dollars and going up through high-end digital systems, there’s a wireless mic system to meet everyone’s need for performance and budget.

Check out our extensive range of wireless bodypack systems, and if you need help choosing the right audio system for you, reach out and speak with our knowledgeable national sales consultants.