Master Fog LD Pro Haze Fluid

Premium Haze Fluid - 1 Gallon

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Get quality fog fluid for your next event!

Master Fog's LD Pro Haze fluid is a lighting designers best friend. It is compatible with practically any professional high end water-based hazer. Ideal for beam projection, LD Pro Haze fluid is the perfect canvas for your lighting design. No worries of residue build up on your fixtures, and is especially friendly to people on stage and in the audience.


  • For Use in High End Water-Based Haze Machines
  • No Glycerin/Glycerol Added
  • Remains Clean, Dry, and Odorless
  • Leaves little to no residue or contamination
  • Approved by the FDA

Specifications for the Master Fog LD Pro Haze Fluid

{ "Appearance" : "Clear", "Color" : "Clear", "Form" : "Liquid", "Odor" : "No Odor", "Odor Threshold" : "N/A", "Physical State" : "Liquid", "pH" : "Neutral", "Melting Point" : "N/A", "Freezing Point" : "N/A", "Boiling Point" : "N/A", "Flash Point" : "> 121° C (249.80° F) Tag Closed Cup", "Evaporation rate" : "N/A", "Flammability limits in air, lower, % by volume" : "N/A", "Flammability limits in air, upper, % by volume" : "N/A", "Vapor Pressure" : "N/A", "Vapor Density" : ">1 (air=1)", "Specific Gravity" : "~ 1.083 (H20=1)", "Octanol/Waer Coefficient" : "N/A", "Solubility H20" : "Complete", "Auto-Ignition Temperature" : "N/A", "Viscosity" : "N/A", "% Volatile" : "N/A" }

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